How to design a resume in Canva step by step

How to design a resume in Canva

Like other apps for creating resumes, Canva is a tool that helps you significantly reduce the time it usually takes to generate this type of document. Precisely, learning how to design a resume in Canva will help you to always have an updated version of it without much effort.

Create a professional resume with Canva’s design and customization options.

In addition, designing a resume in Canva gives you access to multiple editing and customization options with which to produce eye-catching and much more professional copy. This is great if, for example, you want to upload your resume to LinkedIn. And here we’ll show you how to do it from scratch or using templates.

How to generate a resume in Canva from scratch.

– Choose a page: the first thing you need to do is log in to the Canva website or app and click on the “Create a design” option. Type in resume and choose a document type from the list. Make sure you select 8.5 x 11 inches.

– Change the background: The new designs in Canva have a white background by default. If you want the resume to have a different color, you can click on the “Background color” tab, which you will find in the top left corner of the page.

– Start including elements: click on the “Elements” button, which will take you to the shapes and graphics section to add to your design. Remember that if you are not subscribed to the premium plan, you will not be able to choose elements that show the crown icon.

– Add a header: by clicking on the “Text” tab you can access options that allow you to insert combinations of headings and subheadings. Choose the one that best suits your document.

– Add a description of your professional profile: write a short paragraph with information about your skills. We recommend inserting this section as a text box, which you can also do from the “Text” tab and then clicking on “Add subtitle”.

– Insert a separator: you will probably need to separate the text box with your professional profile from the rest of the body of the document. To do this you can insert a line by going to “Elements”, then “Shapes”, and finally “Lines”. Draw the line in the most appropriate place and choose the size and color.

– Fill in the sections: you can now start adding data about your education, achievements, work history, etc. Simply go back to the “Text” and add subtitles and text boxes as appropriate.

– Add links: you can add links or other visual elements that serve to reinforce the information you have provided. So, to insert a link you must type the words you want to link to, select them and then click on the three dots icon in the text box. Select “Links” and add the link.

Create a resume using a template

– Go to the Canva home page and type “resume” in the search bar.

– Choose the template you like best for your resume.

– Click on “Customize template”.

– Now, start making the modifications that you think are pertinent using the different options explained in the previous method. Finally, add your work information.

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