How to dictate text by speaking in Google Docs

Turn on Google Docs voice input

Google Docs, Google’s text editor, has a feature called Voice Typing that allows you to write and even edit a document simply by using voice commands through the microphone on your cell phone or computer.

The Google Docs “voice input” function must be used in the Google Chrome browser

To use voice dictation, all you need to do is open Google Docs in Google Chrome and follow the steps below to enable the feature:

– Make sure that the computer has a microphone installed and working properly and open the Google Chrome browser. Log into your Gmail account and in the top right corner next to the picture or initial of the profile you will see a button represented by a square with several dots. Press it and the various Google products will appear. Below that you will find Google Docs or documents marked with a sheet of text icon. You can also click the link below to open a Google text editor.

Google tools

– Once Google Docs is open, press the “Tools” tab on the system tray. An options window will appear and you will need to select the window that says “Voice Dictation”.

Google Docs Tools

-This will activate a new pop-up window with the image of a microphone to press when you are ready to dictate with your voice.

Microphone for activating voice dictation

– The first time you use this feature, Google Chrome will ask for permission to use the microphone. You need to turn it on to enable voice input in Google Docs.

Permissions to use the Google Docs microphone

-If the “Voice dictation” function is not loaded in your language, you can configure it manually by pressing the multi-selection bar in the floating window in which the microphone is displayed.

Select the voice-controlled language Google Docs

– Finally, speak clearly and loudly into the microphone so that every word, every punctuation command or every voice command for editing the text is interpreted by Google as you wish. When you have finished using “voice dictation”, all you have to do to deactivate the function is say “stop listening” and it will switch off automatically.

Scoring and editing commands when dictating by voice input

When performing “Voice Dictation” in Google Docs, punctuation marks can be added to the text that can be spoken in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian by referring to the following sentences as “periods”. Comma “,” exclamation mark “,” question mark “,” new line “or” new paragraph “.

It is also possible to edit the text sheet to select, delete, copy or add tables with a few sentences. However, this option is only available in English and both the account and the document must be configured in that language. All available commands can be found by clicking the question mark in the lower right corner of the floating window that shows the microphone image.

This google text editor also has other features such as: Including adding emojis to the document, placing bibliographic citations, and tools for users with visual impairments.

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