How to digitize a company quickly and inexpensively


It has become clear that digitizing a company is no longer an alternative. Large corporations have expanded their staff with computer scientists, web designers or community managers. Among others, companies that had a digitization have more successfully weathered the crisis of the pandemic, a sales success that has served to understand the scope of the web.

For small and medium-sized companies, digitization is happening more slowly. One of the main reasons is the economicbecause the Internet is a world of possibilities that requires professionals to be successful. However, it is possible to run a digitization in a faster way by using certain tools, such as staff training or quick loans. All of this can help SMEs to go digital as quickly as possible and stop losing customers.

What does a digital business need?

While large companies have departments staffed by hundreds of specialists, it is important to understand that a small or medium-sized company can successfully go digital with a small team that works efficiently. To do this, the first thing to do is to understand the scope of the Internet and be aware that the digital medium is a medium to long term bet. This means that the results will not necessarily be immediate, but they will compensate the initial investment.


Just as a company that operates physically needs premises in which to carry out its activity, a company that offers its services or products in the digital environment needs a website. One of the main advantages of a website is its low cost. In principle, a website requires a domain and hosting. However, what will require an investment is the hiring of a designer to shape the website. The costs depend on each person.

Updating and social networks

Contrary to what many people believe, having a website does not guarantee a sale. The website must be up to dateIt should be updated, have a few people to answer users’ questions and, of course, advertise on social networks or other platforms. It would be advisable to hire two people for these tasks: a content creator and a community. However, SMEs can not hire specialists for everything, so someone who knows how the digital environment works will be enough.

Digital marketing campaigns

The next step when it comes to creating a digital presence is to go to an marketing team. There are many companies that are responsible for developing digital marketing campaigns, whose results are visible and measurable. This alternative is extremely beneficial for small and medium-sized companies that do not have their own department. Thus, an external company is hired at specific times (for example, with the Christmas campaign).

Companies dedicated to digital marketing can be somewhat expensive for SMEs. However, remember that they are specialists who will study the competition, analyze the weak points and design a strategy tailored to the company in question. In addition, if the investment is high, you can always resort to a loan with quick approval. In this way, digitization will be fast and executed in a short time, saving resources and effort.

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