How to display Google searches like 1998

Google simple search results

ONE Extension for web browsers called “Simple Search” This option allows you to search in google and the results will appear as a search engine, which in 1998 when it was created 22 years ago is now much less complex and has fewer elements.

To display the Google search results as in 1998, the “Simple Search” web extension must be installed.

The “Simple Search” extension can be installed free of charge both in the company’s own browser Google Chrome and in Mozilla Firefox. Created by the team at The Markup, a nonprofit medium in the United States, it displays Google search results in an information box that appears as a pop-up on the results page.

Instead of displaying sponsored links, text fields, highlights, Google Shopping results, thanks to this extension it is achieved that with each search only ten blue links to the websites considered by the Google algorithm are displayed, which are relevant.

If you want to see the results page in full, just close the popup and they will appear right below it. This is how Google results are displayed with “Simple Search”:

Google simple search

This allows users to see how Google search results were viewed in 1998. It is just a simple list of search results compared to the items and information fields contained today. The change is drastic, but it makes the results easier to access.

According to a study by The Markup, which analyzed 15,000 popular search results on Google, the company’s additional products account for 41% of total computer screen and mobile space – the figure is 63%. In terms of what Google calls “direct answers,” which is information copied from other sources, the search engine occupies 75% of the results page.

Installing the Simple Search extension in the browser makes searches easier and simpler because they contain no additional elements. When searching in Bing, Microsoft’s web search engine, they are also displayed in a simplified manner, with only the main links listed with no additional elements.

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