How to do a SWOT analysis for Social Media

Social media SWOT analysis

Perhaps you have heard of SWOT analysis, a term widely used in marketing that allows you to draw with certainty the current situation of a company or institution. It is a kind of x-ray that helps you understand the situation you are in internally, your weaknesses and strengths, as well as external factors such as threats and opportunities that are presented to you.

In the field of social networks, preparing a SWOT analysis is tremendously useful during the creation of the Social Media Plan, in the initial planning phase, to know the company’s situation in social media and its needs.

Phases to prepare a SWOT analysis in Social Media

Carrying out a SWOT analysis on Social Media will allow you to capture the company’s strategy on social networks. It is made up of these four steps:

– Define the weaknesses. The company’s internal problems must be taken into account, as well as identifying what situations hinder the development of the business. By defining them, the presence on social networks can be directed towards resolving these weaknesses.

In the same way, specific weaknesses in social networks must be defined. For example, if the right Community Manager has been chosen, if the necessary time can be dedicated to managing social networks, etc.

– Identify threats. This way you will be able to anticipate situations external to the company that may harm its development in general and on social networks. For example, an economic crisis in general or the closure of a social network in which there was a presence.

– Recognize strengths. Here the company’s strengths must be indicated, what makes it unique and different from the competition. For example, if you offer 24/7 customer service.

– Point out opportunities. Identify what can help achieve objectives on social networks. For example, the launch of a new social platform on which you can position yourself if your profile is opened before the competition, etc.

Graphic representation of SWOT analysis

The graphical representation of the SWOT analysis is usually presented in the form of a quadrant of bars. In each of the four generated parts the different elements identified should be indicated.

SWOT quadrant in social networks

This x-ray will allow us to see the situation of the company, in general and more specifically on social networks. This will help us maximize opportunities and strengths. On the other hand, it will also provide strategic clues to fight against the threats and weaknesses that arise.

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