How to do an easy Internet speed test [Vídeo]

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If you have doubts about the real speed at which your Internet connection is surfing, or you suspect that maybe your neighbor has connected without your permission to your Wifi connection, or maybe you discover that your Internet is going too slow, one thing you can do is to perform an Internet speed test to really find out how fast you are surfing.

This is something you can do at home or at the office, or from anywhere you connect, and it is certainly recommended, especially to make sure that the speed that your telephone and Internet operator is offering you is the one you have contracted -and for which you pay- and that there is no problem in your connection.

It could happen that your line is slower than the contracted speed, or that other people are connecting to your Wifi without your permission, so in today’s video we explain what an Internet speed test is and how to do it easily:

As we mentioned in the video, on the Internet you will find many websites where you can do a free speed test. However, you should not trust any of them, as they can obtain certain information about your connection and your IP.

In this video we recommend you to use the Internet speed test provided by the Google search engine, as it is transparent with respect to the company it works with and whose servers it connects to in order to perform the speed test.

In this case, the only information shared is related to the user’s IP, data that does not identify the Internet user himself, except that the speed of the connection whose network is being used is known.

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