How to download all the data Amazon has about you


You may prefer not to know, so as not to be aware of the extent to which Amazon knows your secrets. But this multinational company has an option that allows you to access to all the data it has collected about you and about your purchases. This is a tool that is not properly indicated, and it is necessary to search for it thoroughly to find it. Amazon collects a lot of personal information about its customers and users, and on occasion this has been exposed due to a computer failure.

Amazon does not display this option clearly, but it is possible to access it through the help menu

In fact, this tool is not directly accessible from any of Amazon’s settings menus. Below, we explain step by step how to get download this data to know what Amazon knows about you.

– “My Account: Log in to your Amazon account and, from the main menu, click on “Account and lists” at the top of the screen. Once inside this section you will need to go to “My Account”, and from there scroll down to the bottom until you click on the “Help” sign.

-“Request personal information”: Once inside the “Help” screen you must scroll back down to the bottom until you find a bar that says “Search Help Library”. Click on that bar and type “Request personal information”.

In the results that Amazon shows you, you will see an option that says “Request your personal information”, which is where you should click.

-“Request my information.” On this new screen you should look for an option that says “Request my details”. When you click on it, Amazon will ask you to confirm your identity and enter your password to access your account.

Once your identity is validated, click on “Select data category”. Amazon will take you to a screen where you can choose which data you are interested in downloading. If you want all of it, click on “Request all data” and then on “Submit request”. Over the next few days, you will receive an email from Amazon with a link where you can download your data.

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