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The eSports or electronic sports are a type of video games whose popularity is growing every year. It is estimated that more than 600 million people are having fun playing online sports not only with their PC computer, but also from mobile devices and consoles.

One of the main attractions of eSports is that, in addition to having an entertaining time, they also allow fans to even earn money and become professional eSports players. Joining a team will make it possible to achieve conditions conducive to training, both indoors and outdoors; meet people with the same tastes and affinities; participate in professional digital video game tournaments or broadcast to wider audiences.

Even having a coach, since professional eSportsman must follow the advice of specialists and constantly work to improve their skills, both personally and as a team. According to a study by CyberGhost, which details what it takes to become a professional eSports gamer, eSports is expected to generate more than $1.6 billion this year alone.

Moving such significant amounts of money, and also having the possibility to enjoy playing what one likes, it is not surprising that the dream of many young – and not so young – people is to become a professional eSports player.

What does it take to become a professional eSporter?

As we say, being a professional online sports gamer is not easy and requires effort and sacrifice, because to compete in major competitions, you need to train for many hours a week, follow the advice of a coach and other specialists, learn to take care of your health, go to competitions away from home… But it is true that successful eSporters can earn significant income by broadcasting their games to important audiences.

Although there are those who earn significant sums of money by broadcasting their video game games independently through platforms such as Twitch, what really makes the ultimate leap is to join a professional eSports team. There, the player will be able to dedicate himself professionally to prepare to compete in tournaments and earn significant income.

According to the survey conducted by CyberGhost, these are some keys to becoming a professional gamer:

-Professional esports gamers can achieve similar levels of fame and influence as social media influencers, allowing them to enjoy opportunities for promotion and recognition in popular culture.

-Sports gamers must train intensively, with gaming sessions of up to 50 hours per week. Many can face exploitation problems and abusive contracts due to the lack of unions to protect their rights.

-Women seeking to make a career in esports face additional challenges, such as discrimination and wage gap. The earnings of female gamers are considerably lower compared to those of male gamers.

How to make money from eSports

Participating in tournaments -and getting a good ranking- that are broadcasted to important audiences is one of the main ways of income for professional eSports players, but it is certainly not the only one. In addition to their participation in these events -especially when they win them or obtain an important place with an economic endowment- there are other ways to earn money with eSports:

-Sponsors: Professional eSports players count on sponsors who finance their interventions in tournaments (travel, stay, accommodation, per diem…) and also their trainings, offering them gaming material necessary to broadcast their games and many other benefits.

-Advertising: Similarly, many companies contact professional online sports players because they can help them get their marketing messages to their audiences. As they have very loyal communities of followers on social networks, they can be a way to bring them closer to their target audience and offer them money for including advertising in their broadcasts, in their posts on social channels, and so on.

-Merchandising: Online players can create their own merchandising products and sell them to their fans and people who come to their broadcasts: T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps… and many other merchandising products can be used to increase their income.

-Live broadcasts: In addition to those streamed at official tournaments, streamers can broadcast their games through numerous social platforms that offer revenue. For example, Twitch has a system of subscriptions and rewards for streamers and even options to create customized eSports competitions. Other social networks, such as TikTok, also allow viewers to receive tips and virtual gifts.

Alongside these options, there are players who also find other forms of alternative funding. It all depends on the business plan they set up and the way they are able to identify opportunities.

As professionals that they are, it is necessary for them to develop an adequate marketing plan to obtain the highest possible earnings and make their work, effort and dedication profitable. It is possible and in addition to income, they present other advantages! If you want to be an athlete but do not depend on physical skills, nor do you want a job that ties you to an office schedule, and above all, if you like video games, this is your chance!

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