How to edit a PDF file

Portable Document Format (PDF) files are designed to maintain their layout (the shape and organization of text and images) no matter how much they are sent between users. This means that its elements will not “move” or become unconfigured no matter how much it is passed through multiple users or opened with different programs.

One of the main disadvantages of PDF files is that they are a little difficult to edit.

Unlike traditional text files, PDFs are not that easy to edit, which may be necessary at some point, be it to add a signature, make corrections, or even change the file to another format. Fortunately, there are a few tools that can be used to do this quickly and easily.

-Adobe Acrobat: It is the PDF reader par excellence, unfortunately the free version does not allow editing. To edit PDF files, you need the premium license, with which you can change the file format, edit text or images, create and fill out PDF forms, open protected files and insert or delete pages. Adobe offers several purchase and subscription options that are tailored to the needs of each user.

-LibreOffice: It’s a complete, open source, and completely free office suite. Not only does it offer alternatives to Microsoft Office tools, but it also implements a very complete PDF editor.

-ApowerPDF: It is a tool available for desktop computers similar to Adobe Acrobat, with functions for editing text, images, graphics, and for inserting or removing watermarks, and for managing pages. There is a free, limited, and paid version.

-iLovePDF: iLovePDF is an online tool suite that allows you to merge or split PDF, compress files, protect or unlock PDF, add watermarks, set page numbers, sign, rotate, edit, and PDF in a number of editable formats. With this in mind, it is possible to convert PDF to Word, Powerpoint, Excel, JPG and vice versa.

-PDFBob: It is also an online editor and has many functions such as the ability to edit text and images, write comments, add arrows, set bookmarks or move pages.

-SodaPDF: SodaPDF is a very powerful PDF file editor that allows you to edit text and images, adjust the margin, rotate, add or remove pages, insert PDF, add a background or watermark, and convert the file to a variety of different formats. There is a desktop version and an online version.

-Small PDF: A simple and free online editor that also has an extension for browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge. Allows you to add and edit pictures, edit the text, draw in the file, add and remove pages.

-PDF2Go: It is an online editor that is very similar to iLovePDF in that it has the same functions and properties.

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