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With Flvto YouTube to Mp3 & Mp4 Converter, you can easily convert your favorite YouTube videos to .mp4 or .mp3 format if you are only interested in audio.

We often hear our favorite songs on YouTube have a problem for several reasons: On the one hand, we have advertisements that are always annoying when you’re at a party with friends, relaxing at home or having an intimate dinner with your partner; On the other hand, if we want to hear a song that we know is on YouTube but we cannot use the internet, we have no way of doing it.

There’s one more additional problem that we don’t always consider: what if we want to hear a song while walking down the street with our headphones on? As soon as I lock my mobile phone screen, the song will automatically stop playing (unless we have YouTube Premium, which means we spend an amount of money on the subscription that sometimes we don’t have or don’t want to spend). For this, the best solution is a YouTube to MP3 converter so that we can save the song or songs that we like the most on our devices, be it on our mobile phone, tablet or computer.

How can we use FLVTO?

The MP3 converter converts a video that you see on the YouTube website into an .mp3 file which is saved on your device, that is, it allows you in a very simple way to convert the base file from the URL of the video to the Getting YouTube Platform It’s that simple, with no trick other than copy and paste commands.

On the one hand, we have the online option where you can download music from YouTube simply by visiting the converter’s website; It is enough to enter the web address of the video and convert it to our preferred format: .mp3 if we only want to keep the audio according to the url or .mp4 if we want to keep the full video. In addition to the latter video format, there are also other options such as .mp4 HD, .avi or .avi HD. Try as many as you want and stick with the one that best suits your quality and file size needs

On the other hand, we can download the .mp3 converter software to our device and use it on our computer as we would online. The program is available for all operating systems (Windows and Mac) as well as for Android if you prefer to use a mobile device. To do this, simply click on the “Download” icon that we find as soon as we enter the Flvto website.

You can also add a plug-in if you’re using Google Chrome to make the free music you see on YouTube even more accessible. It is great!

It’s easy for any user

Aside from not being bombarded with ads, the Flvto website provides you with a super simple and super fast user interface to download your favorite videos or songs without any hassle other than copy and paste. All you need to know is how to use your mouse to select from your computer the address of the YouTube video you are watching, right click the mouse yourself, go to the copy option, and then go to the Flvto website or yours Computer, if you’d rather download the program, right click again and enter the paste address command. You can also use the Ctrl + C (copy) and Ctrl + V (paste) commands if you have a moderate knowledge of office automation.

Why is the converter the best option?

Remember the importance of having your music offline, forget the ads, forget the music stops because your phone is locked, and remember to keep the songs you downloaded to your devices have to listen to again and again. If you are walking down the street, jogging, if you want to be quiet at home without listening to advertisements that take away all the magic of music, or if you are in one of the most remote places in the world, you have your music at your fingertips.

In addition, you always have the peace of mind that you have not used an illegal download, which means that you will not be associated with piracy as the converters are not considered to be such.

Personally, I love to use this mp3 converter as I listen to a lot of music and watch a lot of videos over and over again, and thanks to Flvto, I have unlimited download of all the files I want. Unlike other converters, they don’t fill me up with ads or open awkward windows that I have to close until I finally have the video that I want to convert. Out of all that I have tried, this converter is hands down the one that best meets my needs as a YouTube user and consumer.

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