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Online marketing as we have understood it so far has fundamentally changed. The coronavirus pandemic has forced companies around the world to move from their plans for digital transformation for the future to “digital customization” in the present, in a “new normal” that no one could imagine.

This requires a radical change in the communication strategy of all companies. This is not the time to sell the product outright or hunt for the lead or prospect at any cost. In such an exceptional situation, companies have to take care of creating a community and strengthening relationships of trust with both their customers and their employees. They have a clear opportunity to bolster their corporate image, and in this scenario the social CEO figure plays a fundamental role.

The traditional CEO figure is now more meaningless than ever. Executives have the opportunity to establish themselves as the visible face of their organization and to manage their online reputation by appropriately using social networks, the channels that humanize their figure and that of their company, to be close to their customers and employees and empathize with them and share valuable messages in a situation as sensitive as the one we are in.

Understanding the impact its CEO’s presence on social media has on a company is difficult, and new challenges arise: How can social media leadership be effectively exercised? How does it benefit the company when the manager is engaged and close on the Internet? Questions like these are answered in a Round table on social leadership organized by Hootsuite and LLYC and will practically take place next Wednesday from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

It will include the testimony of corporate executives who have already taken the lead on social networks, such as Kike Sarasola, President and Founder of the Room Mate Group; Rosa Tous Oriol, Corporate Vice President of Tous, and Juan Francisco Polo, Communications Director at Ferrovial, will be accompanied by Alejandro Domínguez, Senior Director Digital at LLYC, and Romina González, Regional Manager at Hootsuite.

Register now and attend this online event for free to learn how social networks have become a fundamental communication channel for business leaders, who through them take on more engaged, closer, more transparent and more dialogical leadership.

The figure of the Social CEO

Understanding that the CEO figure is most visible throughout the organization and is the key to the company’s online reputation is a challenge that any business faces, especially in a context like the current one where isolation and social protection measures are in place Make social networks ideal channels for contacting customers, employees, suppliers, partners …

Managers who keep their social networks open and actively publicize and understand that communication on these platforms must be bidirectional, that they encourage participation and reaction from other users, can leverage this online reputation to take advantage of businesses.

Showing your most human side helps to build trusting relationships with both consumers and your employees, identify with their problems and find solutions to daily challenges. The values ​​that you convey in a close, friendly, and approachable way and show the person behind the leadership role will have a significant impact on the brand that you lead.

How can the manager bring social capital into his company? The practice of social leadership is much more than the occasional retweet or network post. Learn all of the keys in the social leadership round table that Hootsuite and LLYC organized. Register now, places are limited.

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