How to fall asleep quickly is a mystery studied by science

We sleep for several hours every day, but we still don’t know how to go from waking to deep sleep. In reality, falling asleep is an unsolved mystery that scientists are studying. Over the past decade, neuroscience scientists have learned a lot about when to fall asleep. However, there is still a lot to discover in learning how to fall asleep quickly.

Fall asleep

What does science say about sleep?

Some structures of the brain are related to sleep, they are the following:

  • Hypothalamus.
  • Brain stem
  • Thalamus
  • Pineal gland.
  • Amygdala.

However, none of them are solely dedicated to sleeping. The difference between being awake and sleeping depends on the nervous system. During the transition from one phase to another, the body slowly relaxes, slowing down the heart rate and breathing. In addition, the brain waves also change, indicating that the sleep process is beginning. In the same way, biological processes are added that are circadian rhythms. They certainly control body temperature, the release of hormones and the need for sleep, among other things.

Methods To Help You Fall Asleep

It is not enough just to close your eyes to fall asleep. Some methods will help you fall asleep quickly. There are certain factors that make these methods more effective.

  • Sleep in a comfortable place.
  • At the right temperature.
  • Controlled light.
  • Soft sound.
  • Keep screens and electronic devices away.

When these factors are controlled, there are three methods that can help make sleep easier:

  1. Relaxation.
  2. Ordinary life.
  3. Save sleep.

The sleep process begins with relaxation of the body and mind. The hardest part is definitely relaxing the mind. Usually at the moment of sleep we arrive with thoughts of what happened that day or what needs to be done the next day.

Consuming caffeine, alcohol, or nicotine just before bed is not recommended. They are products that affect the quality of sleep. It is best to practice relaxing tasks like reading, relaxation techniques, or soft music.

fall asleep quickly

Ordinary life

If you lead an orderly and calm lifestyle, you can safely fall asleep quickly and get a good quality of sleep. However, the practice of this style must be repeated daily to be truly effective.

Save sleep

It is important to arrive sleepy before bed. It is for this reason that managing sleep hours is essential to get a good result. Instead of taking a long nap, it is recommended that it be short, after all, an average of 25 minutes is ideal. That way, it’s time to fall asleep with enough fatigue to reach it quickly.

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