How to fight nomophobia

Nowadays, the cell phone is almost indispensable in our daily life. It’s the phobia of the 21st century. However, it is important to know that those who wish can fight nomophobia. Around 6.1 billion people currently use a cell phone. It is important to note that a large proportion of the world’s population uses more than one. Another interesting piece of information is that a person uses their cell phone at least 85 times a day. This corresponds to an average of 5 hours a day.

Fight nomophobia

Know a little more about nomophobia

It is a technopathy or pathology related to the use of technology. It can be included in anxiety disorders or behavior phobias. In extreme cases, you can lose track of time or control of the environment. There is no defined age to suffer the problem and there are ways to combat it.

A new term has even been created on the subject, phubbing. Do you know if you have phubbing or not? Phubbing is called the habit of looking at your cell phone while talking to another person. It often happens that the people talking do not look at each other because everyone is consulting their own cell phone. Some consider this a rude practice. However, in reality, it’s a bad habit that can lead to problems with your peers.

Some methods will help you know if you have the problem or not:

  • Whenever you are with someone else, have your phone in hand or close by.
  • During a conversation, your gaze wanders to the cell phone.
  • You are being escorted, but you are not paying attention to the other person by looking at your cell phone.
  • The fight against nomophobia is a question of changing habits and willpower

It is not easy, but if you choose to reverse the situation it is possible to achieve it. According to experts, by following a number of steps, you can achieve the goal that you have set for yourself. It all depends on your self-control.

Combating nomophobia and phubbing

Schedule notifications in order of importance

A tone from the cell phone tells you to check the messages. To avoid this distraction, it is advisable to rank the notifications by priority and prioritize the most urgent. There are apps that you can use to make this task easier. Keep it muted for a long time.

Turn off your computer overnight

This is a great option that will allow you to disconnect and focus your attention on your surroundings. You won’t have to look at your phone every time you hear a tone. It will also help you optimize your sleep hours without interruptions.

Prevent the team of yours from becoming extinct

Do not keep the smartphone in your pocket, even if it is muted. The vibrations cause distractions. It is preferable that you leave it on a piece of furniture, in your handbag, or in your backpack. If you share moments with other people, it is a good idea to leave them in a different room.

Stay connected to reality

Social networks and various apps allow you to escape the “now”. They represent a kind of magical portal through which you can escape. Do activities with your body. Read, write, play sports, learn to do handicrafts, go shopping or go for a walk without a mobile phone.

Smartphone addiction

It’s entirely up to you. Fighting nomophobia is possible, but if you find it difficult, it may be time to make a decision. Consulting a psychologist can help you achieve your goal. Remember that the cell phone is just a useful tool.

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