How to find a Gamer Chair according to your needs?

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Gamer couches and chairs have created a high impact on the gaming market. This is a positive influence since comfort is a factor that must be taken very seriously when gaming for long hours.

Whether it is computer games or console games, it is really important that you have a good time without feeling discomfort afterwards due to bad posture. With such a boom, many gamer accessory companies have been willing to create different designs that can meet the most meticulous demands of their buyers, so with so much to choose from, it will always be possible to find a chair that meets your needs.

What is the difference between Gamers Chairs and Gamers Chairs?

Among these options we find the chairs and gamer chairs. On the one hand, the chairs have an ergonomic and stylish design that facilitates the use of the computer with their backs, various accessories and great mobility.

On the other hand, the gamer armchairs are focused on console players, since they are made in such a way that you have a good visibility of the TV or screen on which you are playing.

Among the armchairs are the classic gamer armchairs, the X-Rocker models (with or without pedestal) and there are also some armchairs or pouf chairs and even inflatable armchairs or sofas that are also suitable for playing console video games.

If you are interested in a gamer chair this list will serve as a guide when buying one.

It is possible to find a wide variety of designs and shapes to suit your taste and have as many aspects as you want, from youthful and simple armchairs to elaborate models with many accessories. Among the most relevant armchairs of the moment we find the following 7 models that will leave you impressed:

The Best Gaming Armchairs in Comparison

Gioteck – RC3

gaming chair

– Made of breathable fabric
– Ergonomic shape
– Integrated sound system
– Padded padding
– Includes mesh pockets
– Compartment for console controller
– Foldable backrest to reduce its size
– LED lighting system
– Dimensions of 66 x 52.5 x 34 cm.
– Total weight 8 kg

This chair features a futuristic design that looks like something out of a spaceship, and its sleek shape is probably its biggest attraction. It has an ergonomic and firm padded frame that allows for the best gaming performance while you are in it.

It is also made with breathable fabric, perfect for summer. Its lighting system will add a spatial touch to your gameplay, and its sound system will get you right into the game. Its control panel is on the right side of the seat, which gives you a comfortable and easy access to the settings and power button.

gaming chair 2

Also, the long seat is designed so that you can sit comfortably without constantly putting your legs at a 90-degree angle, and the folding backrest makes the chair conveniently sized for storage.

It also has two mesh pockets, one on the left side of the seat and one on the backrest, and a compartment in the lower front of the chair where you can easily store the command of any console you use.


Among the disadvantages we find that this armchair is very low compared to many others, as it is completely flush to the ground

Another problem could be that the modern design may be too much for many, and is that it certainly has some resemblance to Balenciaga shoes, a design that might seem somewhat extreme, but like everything, it is a matter of taste.

The audio system of this chair is not as advanced as others on the market. So, if you are looking for a model with state-of-the-art audio technology, you have many other options that can satisfy your needs.

Aerocool – P7CH2

– Made with high quality faux leather and plastic
– Padded with high density foam
– Includes lumbar cushion for maximum ergonomics.
– Has side pockets for remote control or cell phones
– Dimensions 89 x 44 x 65 cm
– Total weight 34.5 kg

If we are going to talk about this armchair, the first thing that jumps out is its modern and striking design, which will contribute to that aesthetic touch that every game room requires. It is an armchair of good size and quality that will leave you with your mouth open. It has a design based on geometric figures, which is one of its main attractions, in addition to the perforated faux leather that makes this chair breathable and cooler. This feature is perfect, since materials such as faux leather become hot in certain seasons such as summer.

The lumbar cushion of this model can be adjusted to the position you like the most, and will give you a little more comfort. It is possible to place the cushion wherever you like. Its size makes it perfect for the use of consoles or even just watching TV and its square shape gives the feeling that it takes up very little space.

It includes pockets on both sides of the cabinet, which are excellent for storing remotes such as TV, console or even cell phones. Perfect for sitting without anything to bother your hands. This futuristic model made to please even the most difficult customers has a high density foam, which makes this chair extremely comfortable.

You literally won’t want to get up from it. The shape and size are ideal for video games, as you can keep your legs and back in a proper position for hours on end without discomfort. This high-end chair is excellent for those who want a model that is both pleasing to the eye and functional.

MCombo Relax Gaming Racing

chair 3 gaming

– Made of synthetic leather, plastic and durable metal.
– Excellent quality padding
– Backrest reclines up to 135 degrees
– Includes padded armrest and footrest for comfort
– Circular base with 5-point support
– Dimensions of 75 cm x 69 cm x 109 cm.
– Weight support up to 120 kg

This interesting model is a perfect one for those of you looking for a chair that is not as close to the ground, as many of the above. Its firm base gives a feeling of complete security, not to mention its strength of up to 120kg, which gives some weight margin and allows more robust customers to get their hands on a good quality chair.

It is made of synthetic leather, which is one of the easiest materials to maintain of all, even though it can be hot for some. Its backrest reclines up to 135 degrees, and since it includes a footrest, you can take your nap at ease after a long game without any fear, since underneath its padded upholstery is a metal frame that gives the chair structure.

The shape of its backrest is ergonomic, and its armrests will make you reach the perfect posture for a long time. This feature will prevent pain, cramps and discomfort after or during the game. By having a good posture your gameplay is impacted in a very positive way, as you can spend even more time playing than before without pain, cramps or discomfort of any kind.


This chair is a very good size and its sports car design is sleek yet sturdy, and will be the perfect touch to your game room. One of the few disadvantages of this chair is that its padded armrests are not adjustable. Other than that, this chair represents an excellent choice among all the existing ones on the market.

Why recliner instead of chair?

As stated above, these two have as their main difference the gaming area. While a chair is geared for computer gaming, armchairs have been structured for playing video game consoles.

While gamer chairs often have casters for greater mobility in the desk area so that more than one screen can be attended to, armchairs spend most of their time in one place. In addition, gamer chairs tend to go for a greater number of accessories than armchairs. However, the latter tend to have more advanced technologies than chairs.

Advantages of gamer chairs

Simple models with the same ergonomics

Despite not bringing so many accessories and visual details, gamer chairs fulfill the primary element of these pieces: provide the user with the greatest comfort to be able to play for long periods with a proper posture. Ergonomics is the key to these accessories.


This is the main advantage you look for in a new armchair. You could consider a gamer chair as an investment well made since, in addition to playing an aesthetic role in the home, the vast majority are foldable. Therefore, they are ideal for apartments or small living rooms as they can be reduced to half their size with ease.

Effective support

Being fixed base or directly in contact with the ground, the chairs provide a higher degree of stability than common gamer chairs, this is something important in most consumers, since security is an important factor when putting all your attention on a video game.

Spacious seat

Gamer chairs tend to go for narrow seats with good arm rests rather than a wide seat. In comparison, armchairs have spacious seats and backrests so that their users can sit at ease in them.

Best audio and vibration system.

The audio system that gamer chairs have is generally much more advanced than those found in ordinary gamer chairs. So, if you are looking for a fully immersive system or a model that vibrates to the beat of the audio, then a gamer chair is a good idea.


Disadvantages vs. gaming chairs normal

1. Low mobility

Although many desire a recliner for this very reason, it can be difficult to move the recliner from one area to the other. This could prove to be quite problematic since, many armchairs, especially pedestal chairs, are often heavy enough to transport without an assistant.

2. Leg discomfort

Depending on the size and closeness of the chair to the floor some models may be too short in the seat area. In these cases, the legs will not remain in a comfortable position for the desired amount of time.

3. Functionality

If you are purely console gamers, this will not affect you as much. However, those who wish to make a functional purchase that applies to various types of use may find that a gamer chair may be much more useful in their particular case than a chair because of its mobility. If you are looking for a product to be used both on the computer and on consoles, it is probably better to choose a chair rather than an armchair.



The chair is an accessory that every console gamer should have in their gaming room. The technology that comes built in is a complete blast, and you can create a completely unique gaming experience when using the immersive audio systems that many models include. Gamer chairs provide the consumer with incredible quality and comfort for hours of continuous gaming without worrying about your postural health.

Even if you already have couches and other furniture at home, gamer chairs are more than just a piece of furniture to entertain visitors. By buying one you are not only investing in a cool piece of furniture, but in a gamer accessory that allows you to be completely immersed in the world of video games.

An essential accessory to relax and eliminate some daily stress, which at the same time fulfills the function of improving posture and contribute to your comfort while you pass levels and cut heads.

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