How to find free WiFi while traveling

Wifi connection

Internet connection has become practically a vital necessity, especially when traveling. Using a laptop to work, view multimedia content or post on social networks are now everyday activities even when we are on vacation and are strictly dependent on having good connectivity.

Sharing Internet connection between different devices

When we are out without the data plan of our telephone operator, we can use different options to connect to the Internet for free. On the one hand, we can hire an international eSIM, and we can also use our cell phone as a router or Hotspot.

That is, it is about turning the cell phone into a repeater of the Internet signal. By activating this function, we can connect other devices to the network created by the mobile device, and consume data or perhaps extend the Internet signal as a WiFi repeater.

There are telephone providers that include a special data service, with greater capacity, so that you can use the mobile as a hotspot. Otherwise, the normal data of the plan we pay monthly is used. If we do not want to spend them, we have several options:

-Search for public Hotspots

To avoid consuming our data plan, we can make use of public hotspots., are usually originated by a business or institution and allow visitors to use the Internet and surf the web. But it is necessary to differentiate between the possibilities of a hotspot and a traditional WiFi connection.

Usually, in shopping malls or busy avenues, it is common to find a wide variety of public WiFi networks or hostspot points. To connect, simply select the WiFi connection interface and select the name of the network or hotspot.

If you use the hotspot or public WiFi connection, a web page may open where the hotspot usage policies need to be confirmed. This is because companies are looking to disengage and ensure responsible and conscious use of their connectivity to all those users who join. There are mobile applications that allow you to find free WiFi all over the world.

-Using a network location app

There are apps that extend the ability to search for WiFi networks. For example, Avast WiFi Finder. It works as a comprehensive database that incorporates WiFi networks and their passwords, and you can also use it offline. WiFiMapper and Wiman work in a similar way. They include extensive databases with built-in networks and passwords to provide WiFi connection anywhere.

-Find hidden WiFi networks

Sometimes, we can detect WiFi networks with their SSID hidden. For this, there are WiFi network analysis apps such as NetSpot. At the touch of a button, the app scans the surrounding area for hidden networks. Simply download the app and activate the discovery mode. The automatic analysis will display a complete list of available WiFi networks, even if they are configured to hide their SSID.

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