How to find out the cheapest price of electricity [Vídeo]

Apps for bill savings

With electricity prices constantly changing, and setting record highs almost every day, turning on the washing machine or running the dishwasher has almost become a risky sport.

Being aware of the evolution of the price of electricity charged in each time of day will allow you to manage more efficiently the energy consumption of each household. To make this task less complicated for you, we recommend in this video four websites and three mobile applications that will help you know the price of light every hour throughout the day. Watch this video:

All these tools provide detailed and instantly updated information on the price of electricity per hour. With them you will be able to know when it is more advisable to use your appliances without fear that the electricity bill will shoot up surprisingly.

These are the tools we recommend:

-Websites to know the price of electricity

-Energy Guru. Among others, we recommend you to use “”, where the price per hour is provided with a very clear color code and where you can even see price forecasts for the next day.

-TarifaDeLuz: Indicates the instantaneous kilowatt-hour cost and details the hours of the day when maximum prices are expected to be reached.

-TarifaLuzHora: You can have real-time information with a color code to easily know the hours with the highest prices.

-ESIOS: This is the market operator’s information system page, with very complete graphs on management and demand, as well as price/hour

-Apps to know the price of electricity

-On Android you can use the app “Price of electricity“where you can select your area of residence and find out the electricity prices and the time at which the maximum amount is expected in your area.

-In iOS you can use “Price Light” o “Price Light Spain“. Both applications offer graphs with the evolution of prices per hour, and indicate when it is the most appropriate time to spend less when consuming electricity at home.

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