How to find the best deals on betting in Spain

With the boom in online gambling, it is very easy to get overwhelmed. At all times we see offers with welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses to play slots, credits to place bets for free. As such, it can be quite difficult for someone who just wants to try to start playing, to make a choice. But no worry! In this article we will try to help you choose. Once you have decided on the adventure of online gambling it will be a much easier task.

The best deals aren’t always the most eye-catching

This may seem obvious, but usually those promotions that offer you an insane number of free spins to say the least, usually hide things like higher than normal wagering requirements or a very low cap on the winnings you can get. So that you are not blinded by such offers, you will find the latest content from the bookmakers on this website, which offer the opportunity to play slots for free.

What does that mean? Well, you can play in demo mode, see if we really like the game and decide based on that. Because what’s the point of using a welcome offer for a game that we don’t like and that we only play out of “obligation”? Well, not much, really.

With all that said, we await what will happen to these types of bonds for a few months after the approval of the new royal decree regulating gambling and the refusal of the precautionary suspension by the Supreme Court. This doesn’t mean we can’t get bonuses, but we have to be customers of this particular casino to be offered to them … and how could you do better if we can play for free until we see if something really works for us like?

Reliability and security are essential

It is clear that we shouldn’t get carried away by flashy offers. Well. But what if there is a bookmaker who offers us sensible things, good odds, and a variety of games? In principle nothing, of course, but we cannot ignore the fact that it is our duty to check that this betting company is reliable, because anything that glitters is neither gold nor does anyone give four pesetas hard.

An easy way to check if a bookmaker or casino is reliable is to check if it has a license from the DGOJ. It is important to have a license to operate in Spain and the casinos that wish to operate here not only do not have to be cheap, they also have to meet a number of fairly strict requirements. It’s also good to look at the different payment options they offer, both for deposits and withdrawals.

Nowadays it is not uncommon for casinos to even offer the option to use cryptocurrencies, but when we see a betting shop that appears to be reliable, but no payments other than through a “rare” payment method or through income in an accepted Cayman Islands bank account … at least it should raise an eyebrow.

After all, it never hurts not to neglect the encryption used by the bookmaker of our choice: protecting our personal (and banking) data is much more important than, for example, leaving the Wi-Fi network open so that the neighbor (although we should of course not do that either). Now that you know a little better what to see, we hope that we have helped you make your journey through the world of online gambling more peaceful and smooth. Good luck!

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