How to fix the google app when it’s not working

The Google app has been crashing worldwide since Monday evening. When users open this application, they find that it closes on its own before they can access it, or that once inside it shows the forced close message. The error is recognized on phones with the Android operating system, although not all. The brands affected are Google Pixel, Motorola and Samsung.

The Google app crashes on Pixel, Motorola, and Samsung Android devices

Although Google has not provided any explanation in this regard, everything indicates that this bug is due to the latest app update. It’s version that caused this problem, but there is a way to fix it:

– Enter the Google app in beta: When you click on this link, you will see a blue box in the lower right that says “Become a tester”. This enables you to participate in the test program of an unpublished version of the application. Because of this, you’re getting an update with a trial version of the Google app, which it warns is “potentially unstable”.

The same is possible desde Play Store. If you scroll down from the app, you’ll see an option that says “Enter Beta”.

-Download the new app update: When accessing the Play Store, you will need to click on your profile avatar which is located in the top right corner. A tab with several options will appear and you will need to enter the first “Manage apps and devices”.

Inside, click on “Available Updates”. The app shows us all pending updates and we click on the green box labeled “Update all”.

– Uninstall updates: The drastic solution is to uninstall all Google app updates. That way we would return it to the state it was in when the phone was purchased.

This would be done through the device’s “Settings” by clicking on the option “Apps and notifications”. We click on “Show All” and search for the Google app. As soon as we have found it, we select “Uninstall updates” in the upper right corner.

The new version of the Google app comes just a few weeks after the functionality of the search engine algorithm has been changed.

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