How to force 90hz refresh rate?

Are you looking to upgrade your gaming experience and reap the rewards of a 90Hz refresh rate? In today’s computing world, a higher display refresh rate can drastically improve your gaming experience by providing smoother visuals. It may not be enabled by default on your device, however, so today we’ll explore how to force 90Hz refresh rate.

How to force 90hz refresh rate?

How to Force 90Hz Refresh Rate?


Unlike regular monitors, the 90Hz refresh rate is a feature that has been integrated into some of the latest smartphones. As a result, users have access to a smoother and more responsive experience. While the refresh rate can be enabled manually, it is often disabled by default. So, how can you force the 90Hz refresh rate to be enabled on your device?

Check that 90Hz Refresh Rate is Supported

Before attempting to force the 90Hz refresh rate, it is important to first check that your device actually supports it. Some phones may only support up to 60Hz, while others may even support up to 120Hz. To check this, go to the Settings menu, then Display, and then choose the Refresh Rate option. If 90Hz is listed as one of the options, you’re in luck!

Enable Developer Options

If your device does support 90Hz, then the next step is to enable the Developer Options. To do this, go to the About Phone section of the Settings menu, then tap on the Build Number seven times. This will then unlock the Developer Options menu.

Force 90Hz Refresh Rate

Once you’ve enabled the Developer Options, you’ll be able to force the 90Hz refresh rate. To do this, open the Developer Options menu and scroll down to the “Force 90Hz Refresh Rate” option. Once you’ve enabled this option, the 90Hz refresh rate should be enabled on your device.

Other Tips

Aside from forcing the 90Hz refresh rate, there are a few other tips that you can use to get the best experience. For example, you can turn on the Adaptive Refresh Rate option, which will automatically switch between 60Hz and 90Hz depending on the content you’re viewing. This can help save battery life when you’re not gaming or watching high-resolution content.


The 90Hz refresh rate is a great feature to have, as it provides a smoother and more responsive experience. To force the 90Hz refresh rate on your device, you’ll need to check that it is supported, then enable the Developer Options, and finally turn on the Force 90Hz Refresh Rate option. For an even better experience, you can also turn on the Adaptive Refresh Rate option.

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