How to get free WiFi anywhere in the world

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When the summer season arrives, the time of year begins to take a short vacation and travel away from home, to places where you can have a good time but may lack some domestic comforts, including wiFi or, if applicable, if traveling abroad, the possibility of enjoying data connection at reasonable prices.

Institutions and public organizations, private premises and businesses provide free WiFi connections, essential for tourists

Fortunately, in more and more places, WiFi connections are available free of charge free public Internet hotspots are available in more and more places. Sometimes by public initiative (by municipalities or other organizations, public transport…), sometimes provided by private companies (hotels, bars, restaurants, shopping centers, gyms…).

Also known as hotspotsthese are free accesses to the Internet that may have some limitations to their use, such as a maximum connection duration, a restriction on the amount of information that can be downloaded or the speed of the connection itself. Sometimes they simply offer a basic connection that allows access to the Internet for simple tasks (instant messaging, e-mail, web queries), especially for those who do not have access to the Internet hotspots public. Content filters may also be present.

In private access points such as those in hotels, available to guests, it may be necessary to access using a password provided by the establishment itself, and the room number where the user is staying must be indicated. In these cases there are usually fewer restrictions in terms of bandwidth, it being understood that the connection can be used to access streaming platforms.

Others hotspots such as those in bars and restaurants, may link free access to a free drink, so that the ticket may include a numerical code, a key and password or a QR code that facilitates the connection. In these cases it is also common that, along with the speed limitation, there may be a limitation on the length of time available for connection.

It should be noted that one should be extremely careful with connections to public WiFi networks, so certain tips should be implemented to ensure that the privacy and security of the device with which the connection is accessed is protected.

Essential for anyone who is going to be away from home and does not want to spend a lot of money on more expensive connection plans abroad is to have applications that allow you to know the location of WiFi hotspotsboth available for iOS and Android operating systems:

-Instabridge: Based on a growing community of users who share through this application the location of different WiFi networks as well as their passwords. There are more than one million hotpsots with their passwords conveniently updated, maintaining the connection automatically. The hotspots are located through the interactive map included in the app, being able to download in advance the location and information of the hotspots available at the destination.

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Instabridge app

-WiFi Map: In this case the app focuses on free hotspots available worldwide. So in Europe alone, it has information on 1.3 million free hotspots available worldwide hotspots freeof which more than 93,000 are located in Spain, and can be searched on the map or by a list of cities.

In each one it indicates the establishment and the location to which it corresponds as well as the name of the WiFi network to be able to select it from the mobile device. In addition, WiFI Map has its own VPN to provide a secure connection.

WiFI Map app

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