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Forocoches is one of the most influential and crowded virtual spaces in the world. It has more than 800,000 registered users and more than 17 million unique visitors per month. It is a forum that covers a wide variety of topics. topics that go beyond the automotive world.despite what its name might suggest.

Forocoches transcends the subject matter indicated by its name, hosting millions of conversations on a wide variety of topics.

Initially, this was the main theme of the forum, but gradually the number of users increased as the number of topics of conversation that were discussed in the forum increased.

However, with a collection of more than 5 million threadsForocoches already addresses everything from politics to adult content. In addition to its thematic diversity, the forum is known for its notable trolls (including sending mariachis to events or celebrities) and high-level discussions.

What Forocoches offers

Participation as a registered member of Forocoches includes the following advantages:

– Access to exclusive and unique content and information.

– Access to topics visible only to registered users.

– Exchange of private messages with the rest of the forum users.

– Possibility to create new topics and to participate in existing ones.

– Access to the forum’s internal search engine.

– Subscription to topics

-Email alerts of mentions and citations.

-Participation in sweepstakes with exclusive prizes.

How to get an invitation to Forocoches

Many of the most interesting topics on Forocoches are only available to registered users, so to access them without restrictions you will need a user account. In addition to unlocking content, registration also reduces the amount of advertising displayed on the site, as well as offering additional benefits such as private messaging and notifications.

However registration as a user, unlike other platforms, is not free or universal but. access is by invitation only. And these can be obtained in several ways:

-Forocoches Newsletter: This is the easiest way to get an invitation. Every week the Forocoches newsletter sends out an email with the most popular and useful threads on the forum, along with about 20 invitations for the fastest users to claim them, although they sell out in a matter of seconds.

-Telegram: If there is an active campaign to get invitations, Forocoches usually announces it through its Telegram channel.

-Social networks: Forocoches administrators also often distribute invitations through their Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook profiles.

-Active promotions: Forocoches offers some promotions through which you can get invitations.

-Through a friend: Not all registered users already have invitations, but it is a good idea to ask friends who belong to Forocoches in case they have any available to give out.

Caution with the sale of invitations

It is important to note that the administration of Forocoches prohibits the sale of invitations. Although they sometimes appear for sale on websites such as eBay, Milanuncios or Wallapop, it is recommended to avoid purchasing such invitations.

The problem is that they are usually fake or stolen, and Forocoches cancels them when it detects them, so you could lose your money and be left without an invitation.

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