How to get more out of Amazon Prime Day

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Amazon will celebrate next July 12 and 13 its traditional Prime Day, two days of discounts and offers that, for any company or small seller on the platform, have become great opportunities to increase their turnover and get new customers.

Sellers have to prepare their marketing campaigns in advance to get more out of Amazon Prime Day

In fact, according to a report by Kantar and Amazon Ads, during the days leading up to Prime Day 2021, more than 71% of consumers claimed to learn about new brands. In addition, more than 250 million products were sold worldwide.

But to make the most of these two days – no longer from the consumer’s point of view, but from the point of view of entrepreneurs who want to sell on the online giant’s Marketplace – it is necessary to know the qualities of this sales system and take into account some tips. Nozama Solutions, Amazon’s strategic partner, has released a series of tips to get more out of Amazon’s Prime Day and increase sales, which, due to their interest, we comment on:

-Prepare the marketing strategy in advance: advertising during all phases of the event, with at least one marketing campaign always active, allows to improve brand presence with buyers. The active campaign should detect the needs of consumers, define the commercial objectives by distributing the investment over the entire Prime Day period, the launch of the products and analyze the results with different KPI’s for decision making.

-Combine marketing campaigns: brands employing multiple Amazon Advertising solutions, combining for example sponsored and display ads together with streaming TV ads, increase sales by up to 50% compared to the two weeks prior to the Prime Day period in the United States, while in the European Union this figure for sales increase in 2021 was 46.4%.

-Making a sales forecast: you should forecast how many products will be sold approximately, so that you can meet the peak sales of the items and not run out of stock in the warehouses.

-Review item listingsit is important to make sure that all the products are published correctly, with the data of each product sheet correctly entered, and that they have information that provides value and attracts the attention of buyers (keywords).

-A picture is worth a thousand words: the quality of product images is something that Amazon values highly. It is important that products are displayed as attractively and professionally as possible for consumers. Generally speaking, it is optimal to include seven images per product. In addition, they should be correctly described with keywords.

-Prepare logistics in advance: if you use Amazon Logistics (FBA), you need to have your inventory ready so that the items arrive at the storage centers two to four weeks before the start of Prime Day. On the other hand, if you use your own logistics, make sure you have enough capacity to ship all products on time and in perfect condition.

-Take care of the orders: the quality of delivery, paying attention to deadlines, the care of packaging and packaging, and proper customer service, is what will determine that consumers have a good shopping experience and want to repeat.

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