How to get more out of Netflix with these Chrome extensions

Chrome Netflix

Among the many possibilities for enjoyment offered by Netflix – beyond the best series and movies that can be watched on this platform – there are a good number of them that are only accessible if you get to the streaming platform from a Chrome browser. And that’s thanks to some browser extensions that add many different features.

Chrome allows you to install extensions that extend functions, enriching web browsing and the use of different platforms

In this case to enhance the experience of using the platform, extensions can be installed from the Chrome Web Store, a “store” of applications and, in this case, extensions. Although the browser has an almost endless catalog of them on this occasion the reference will be limited to those that improve or expand the use of Netflix, although yes, we must insist that these features will not be present from a smart TV or Apple TV to rely exclusively on access to Netflix from the Chrome browser.

These are some of the best extensions to enjoy using Netflix:

-Language Reactor: A step beyond subtitles when it comes to learning a language is what this extension offers, capable of adding dual subtitles to Netflix content, as well as providing a dictionary overprinted on screen to solve doubts.

-Netflix Flip: Its operation is quite simple, but it also meets a simple need: it rotates the on-screen display of the image by 90 degrees, allowing you to continue enjoying the playback of the content while the viewer is lying in bed or on the couch.

-Netflix Hidden Category: Faced with the huge catalog of movies, series or documentaries, streaming platforms order their content with a catalog that goes far beyond categories such as drama, comedy, horror or western, to the point that some categories are convoluted and detailed and come to be hidden among dozens and dozens of classifications. There are literally thousands of types of categories, identified by a numerical code, and the vast majority are hidden. This extension lets you browse through all of them, some as specific as “Comic book superhero movies for ages 11-12,” “Critically acclaimed intellectual foreign films,” “Emotional movies based on children’s stories,” or “Independent dramas based on a book from the 1980s.”

-No Netflix Originals: Streaming platforms usually promote with priority their own content, the ones they have produced themselves, but it may happen that the viewer is more interested in foreign content from other studios, production companies or television networks. This extension hides all of Netflix’s own content, showing only foreign content.

-Teleparty: Previously known as Netflix Party, it can be used with Netflix and other streaming platforms such as HBO or Disney+. It allows you to synchronize the viewing of a movie or series with friends who are also users of the platform so that, even if they are in different locations, everyone can see synchronized content. A link is generated and shared with the rest of the friends and the playback starts at the same time for everyone, which makes it easier to comment on the plot at the same time.

-Trim: Although Netflix removed the reviews that users themselves could add to movies, there is a way (through this extension) to know the reviews that Netflix movies and series have garnered on platforms like IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes. It also allows you to filter movies with lower ratings.

-Wachee VPN: Due to issues with negotiating territory-based exhibition rights, not all Netflix content is available in all countries. This can be a problem when traveling abroad and want to continue watching a series whose rights are not available there, or vice versa, want to watch in your own country a movie available on “the Netflix” abroad and that will still take months (or years) to reach the “domestic Netflix”. This extension uses VPN to “anonymize” the connection and thus select the content available on Netflix from any country.

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