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New emojis on Android

Although Google launched 31 new emojis, the truth is that it is never enough. The variety of emojis that exists is immense and users are always looking for more to accurately express their emotions through the mobile. The good news is that there are several methods to get unique emojis and, even, they can be created in a customized way.

Emoticons have the ability to make chats more vibrant and entertaining.

Emojis are updated with the passage of time, that is why people are constantly going for more and better expressions. Currently, there are different platforms that make it possible to add new emoticons to Android. Here we will tell you which are the best of the moment.

– Use a font editor: It is no secret that iOS has better emojis than Android. So, to get the Apple emoticons it will be enough to use a font editor like zFont. An app that is available in Google Play Store.

– Emoji Kitchen: may be the best emoji tool out there. Emoji Kitchen is a native Gboard app that makes it easy to get new designs. You just have to open your favorite messaging application, enter one of your contacts and tap on the text bar to start writing. Then, you will have to click on the emoji icon on the keyboard and select an emoticon to activate Emoji Kitchen and show all the available designs.

– Create a customized emoji: to give life to unique things, the best is to make a custom emoji, the best app for this task is Bitmoji, it has a huge library of designs that allow you to give free rein to your imagination. In addition, it also has hundreds of fun stickers.

– Download a new keyboard: in Google Play Store there are many emoticon keyboards available. The most efficient one right now is Emoji Keyboard, it has a dictionary of icons for the person to look up the reaction they have in mind in a matter of seconds.

– Upgrade to the latest version of Android: every update brings with it new things. For example, Android 13 redesigned more than 2,000 emoticons to look different and fresh. Therefore, it is important to have a cell phone with the latest Android platform.

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