How to get the digital COVID certificate in Spain

From July 1st, all citizens of the European Union can Request the digital COVID certificate, but Spain has made headway and has already started offering the possibility of obtaining this pass, which makes it easier to travel around different European countries.

The digital COVID certificate certifies the vaccination by means of a QR code

It is a document (digital or on paper) that confirms via a QR code that the holder has been vaccinated with one of the vaccines recognized by the European Medicines Agency or, if applicable, due to personal health circumstances does not pose a risk of infection of the coronavirus.

In the latter case, this certificate would prove that either the coronavirus was overcome in the last six months, that the PCR test was positive in the last 72 hours, or that an antigen test was passed with a negative result in the last 48 hours. .

The certificate is different for each of these cases and the corresponding one must be requested. In the case of vaccination, the certificate contains information on the vaccination date, the number of the vaccination dose and the manufacturer of the vaccine, only Astra Zeneca, Janssen, Moderna and PfizerBioNTech are recognized.

Receiving this digital COVID certificate is completely free and contains the identification of the holder with his name, date of birth, country and a unique identification code for each certificate.

Various countries of the European Union have already approved the transit of travelers within their borders without this certificate, but the Freedom for mobility It is wider to have because the traveler can demonstrate that it is not a health hazard and, depending on the case, quarantine must be avoided.

How to get the digital COVID certificate in Spain

There are two ways to get them in Spain: by the Ministry of Health or the Autonomous Community of residence.

In case of Ministry of Health This can be done through the specific webpage accessible from the electronic center from which the resulting document can be managed, accessed and downloaded, a PDF with the QR with the digital COVID certificate. A digital certificate, Permanent Cl @ ve, or the self-signature program is required to obtain it.

Regarding the autonomous communities, not all have yet implemented the management of the COVID digital certificate, so the list below only includes those who have a working protocol to obtain it.

-Andalucia: It can be obtained via the ClicSalud + portal in the health area and via the Salud Andalucía app (available for iOS and Android). To download the certificate, you need a digital certificate, Permanent Cl @ ve or the number of the health card. People over 65 can get the certificate physically at home.

-Aragon: It can be obtained from the Salud Informa website, requiring a digital certificate or the Permanent Cl @ ve. Soon it will also be available to request through the Salud Informa mobile app, and those who want the certificate in physical form can get it at their own health center.

-Canary Islands: The certificate is available through the MiHistoria portal, which is also available in a mobile app for iOS and Android, whereby the digital certificate or the identification number of the Canarian Health Service is required.

-Castile and León: The certificate can be downloaded from each user’s folder in the SACYL Conecta application, which is available for iOS and Android and requires a digital or permanent Cl @ ve certificate.

-Catalonia: It can be requested through the La Meva Salut portal or through its application available on iOS and Android and the user must be identified by the health card code.

-Valencian Community: A special website has been created, the EU COVID digital certificate, where users can register with their health card number and date of birth, adding a confirmation of the code sent by SMS. It can also be requested via the patient portal or with the GVA + Salud application.

-Estremadura: From next week it can be requested in person at hospitals and health centers, but the certificate is already available through the Salud Extremadura portal and a digital certificate or Cl @ ve PIN must be present.

-Galicia: The physical certificate can be requested from the vaccination centers themselves. It is available in digital form through the PassCOVID application, which is available for iOS and Android.

-Madrid: The physical certificate can be obtained in health centers or by calling 900 102 112. The certificate in digital form can be obtained via the health card application available on iOS and Android.

-Navarra: The certificate in digital form is available on the website of the personal health folder as well as in the corresponding mobile application, whereby a digital certificate, a Cl @ ve PIN or a health card number is required. In the near future, it can also be obtained in person from the health centers themselves.

-Vacco country: During this week it will be active for download from Osakidetza’s health folder as a digital certificate is required or it is registered in the BakQ electronic identification system.

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