How to Hack Fortnite in 2019

Fornite is a game that has set a new trend on the Internet. It is a TPS (Third Person Shooter) that mixes elements of another successful title, the Grand Battle Royale. That is to say, it is a shooter game in which you will have to handle a character in third person, with the objective of finishing with the enemies that come out to you to the step.

As soon as you start you will be thrown to an island where you will have to do the impossible to survive. You will have to find objects and weapons and murder all opponents on the island (out of a total of 100 people). In order to prevent players from scattering too much, the playing area will be progressively reduced, forcing you to move non-stop and face other opponents. Those people are real, not bots; that is, you will face people from anywhere in the world.

But it’s not all about killing; as you progress through the map you can build certain objects such as stairs, walls or even traps. All these elements will be key to achieving your goal.

fornite hack

It is a multiplatform game, available for PC, PS4, XBOX One or mobile phone devices.

The great advantage of the game is that it is completely free. Well, this really isn’t true and it’s possible to do some microtransactions that will improve our characters.

Many people are looking for methods to hack Fortnite and get these improvements without having to pay for them.

💪 How to protect yourself from hackers at Fortnite

Fortnite is a multiplatform video game that has gained many followers in recent years. One of its key features is that it is the clear favorite of YouTubers and this makes its reach increase like foam.

But when popularity rises to such a rate, there comes a time when hackers start appearing to appropriate the most popular accounts. Some do it simply out of boredom (because they can), others to get a better account, even there is no lack of black market Fornite accounts where you can buy at more or less high prices.

According to the brand itself, many accounts have been compromised with different hacking techniques. The fault is usually in the user himself who does not use his common sense. He’s often looking for tricks and tips that allow him to advance faster than other players and this leads him to end up on pages of dubious quality. Just add your login details to them and you’re out of your account. This is just one of the many formulas you can use to steal a Fortnite account from us.

Is there any way to protect us? Of course! We’ll reveal them to you next.


👉 Ways to protect yourself from hackers at Fortnite

Two-step check

Two-step verification is by no means an innovative method, but it is safe. The truth is that many Internet giants already use it. Without going any further, you can protect your Google Account by using a two-step verification system.

This is the process we have to follow at Fortnite to activate the two-step check:

  • Go to the configuration tab and then go to “Password and Security”. When the different options start to appear, we’ll just move to the bottom and mark login in two steps.
  • Request verification via e-mail and wait a while for it to arrive to verify the account. Once it is verified, go back to the path Configuration -> Password and Security and check the option “Activate two-step login”.

And what does that mean? The truth is, it’s going to change the way you log into the game. Every time we do it, or 30 days have passed since we last accessed it, the brand will ask us to enter the code to be able to log in. The great advantage of this is that the hacker is going to have it very complicated to get hold of this code. If you try to access the different recovery tools that Epic Games proposes, the password will be sent to your mobile phone or email, so we should also have hacked these platforms.

Download the Official Fonts game

This is common sense, but the player is not always clear.

The first thing to know, before installing any type of game, is the company that is in charge of developing it (and in this case is Epic Games). This way we will be able to know the different possibilities of unloading that it puts to our disposition.

The problem that Fortnite has is that, since it is one of the titles that has more searches in pages like Google, we will find an endless number of links to download the game for the different devices, but only one of them is real. You must make sure you download the file from the company’s website, which will make us avoid malicious and/or corrupt files.

If you want to download it to your mobile phone, you cannot access Google Play to download it (the reason for this is that the company avoids paying 30% of the store’s commissions), so again you will have to go to the options proposed by the company.

And the same procedure must be followed if our intention is to download the game to any console.

Beware of logging on to shared computers or public places

This advice not only applies to playing Fortnite, but can be applied to any type of action. A very common mistake is to connect directly to a WiFi network that does not have a password and think that we are connecting for free to the network, as if deceiving the owner.

But it is possible that the owner is even smarter than us: there are some tools that allow you to control all the packets that pass through the networks (what is known as a sniffer). In this way, with the right tools and knowledge, the sniffer could get hold of our access data to the Fortnite account. But it could also do the same with bank details, with which we use to access the email account, for social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, etc..

The same applies to data connections. It doesn’t make much sense to play this kind of titles from a data connection, more than anything because we will consume the rate in record time. But if we do, we have to understand that these networks can also be compromised, making it easy for the attacker to extract our personal data and use it at will.

The importance of using a good password

If you use a password that is too simple, that is somehow related to you (such as your birth date or phone number), the Fortnite hacker won’t even have to use advanced hacking tools to get your account, he’ll just have to think a little and try different combinations. But this is not the worst, and even your friends could do the same (they’ll have it a lot easier because they know you).

This is where the importance of using a good password comes in.

Forget the numbers of the style 12345678, 87654321 and words like “password”, “password” or similar.

The idea is to complicate the password as much as possible. Network experts recommend using passwords that are long, have some capital or number and some strange character (how can it be $, %, &, /…).

However, we don’t have to go over it either: the idea is to remember the key so that we can enter it every time the system asks us to log in. If we don’t remember and every time we have to write it we have to restore it, it won’t be a good security system.

Avoiding adware

In recent weeks it has been proven that the threats have increased in this game so fashionable. In May, some rudimentary hacking techniques began to be applied which were soon eliminated; however, like everything else, these techniques have been perfected to a point where they are difficult to detect.

A recent attack that has affected Fortnite has been discovered by Rainway, a company that specializes in making software for streaming, so that users can share their games live with people anywhere in the world.

This company detected, on June 26, 2018, a long series of error reports in its platform, and these errors were related to calls to announcement systems. Since the Rainway app does not broadcast any type of announcement, those responsible for monitoring this situation realized that something was wrong. In the process they concluded that hackers had initiated a process that was infecting tens of thousands of users.

Searching for the source of the problem went to YouTube. In this social network you can find countless videos such as Fortnite Hack, Fortnite Hack Mod Men, Top x Ways to Cheat in Fortnite.

These videos link to a particular app that promises the user certain advantages in their account (for example, activate auto-pointing, or get coins more quickly without real money). However, when it was installed in the system, something very different happened:

A certificate was installed on the system that had the ability to change Windows settings so that traffic could access it. He sent Man in the Middle attacks, capable of controlling all the connections that users could make.

The moral of this is that you have to be very careful with these kinds of YouTube applications. The videos that link to them are quickly deleted, although some have been designed with sophisticated mechanisms so that the detection time is as long as possible.


🤔 What can I do if my computer has been infected with malicious software?

There are certain symptoms that could reveal that some type of malicious software has been installed on the system, such as slower running or strange behavior.

If you have any suspicion that you may be infected, it’s time to take action and you need a program that detects and disinfects any malware.

There are many options, but you can bet on Malwarebytes. The great advantage of this program is that it is completely free. It has a very complete database that is continuously updated, so if any recent vulnerabilities are detected, the program will give us the protection we need.

If we need additional protection, we can either buy the full version, or we can complement it with an antispyware.

You should also have a good antivirus and the truth is that the ones included in the system are not usually very effective.

😅 What can I do if my Fortnite account has been hacked?

This can happen to anyone: we start the game with the aim of playing a game, we enter our access data and discover that, no matter how hard we try, there is no way in. After making sure for the umpteenth time that the password is correct, we come to the conclusion that something has happened.

Calm down, calm down! It’s possible you’ll get the bill back, but not for sure.

Epic Games provides this link through which we can contact the company. It links to the central office where we can find out about the job opportunities offered, if we need to use the technology on which the game is based, we can consult issues related to the press and what we are looking for, receive appropriate advice to deal with our problem.

From that moment on we are going to be asked for a series of tests that really verify our identity. But let’s face it: it’s possible that the hacker has changed some of the data in the profile, so they may not match what we’re telling them.

They have advanced systems to check if the account is really yours.

👨⚖‍ Legal ramifications Fortnite may have

When you “cheat” at Fortnite, you are actually violating the terms of the game, the ones we signed from the very first moment. Without going any further, Epic has sued several underage players for using different hacking methods in the game. Although the thing is nowhere (because they are minors), the truth is that the repercussions could have been devastating.

This type of action is punishable by imprisonment and heavy fines. The magnitude of the penalty will depend on the hacker’s use of the information, although they are usually not very compassionate.

With this complete article you will be able to protect yourself from Fortnite hackers, or any other type of online game. Realistically, 100% full security doesn’t exist, there’s always some way to violate it. However, with all these methods we will make it difficult for the hacker and it will be more complicated when trying to get our account.

Hack Fortnite, how do they do it? Protect yourself now!

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