How to have Alexa in the car

Alexa in cars

Having Alexa in the car is one of the most practical methods there is to have a smart vehicle in case it does not support tools like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto’s Coolwalk.

Use Alexa to control everything with your voice while driving.

With this short guide about how to have Alexa in your car you will be able to control the music, ask Alexa to guide you on the road, tell you the most important news of the day and a whole lot more.

How to install Amazon Alexa in the car

Unlike other companies such as Apple and Google, at the moment Amazon does not have software that integrates Alexa to the car’s infotainment system. However, the retail giant does offer a solution to be able to take advantage of the full potential of its voice assistant in any car.

All you will need will be to acquire an Amazon Echo Auto. This is a conveniently sized gadget that will allow you to have the assistant on your vehicle’s speakers. To use this gadget in the car you will only need a USB port and an auxiliary cable input.

First of all, we will recommend you to buy the second generation Echo Auto. This is because this specific model is an upgraded version. In addition, when you open the box you will not only find the USB cable for the gadget, but you will also receive an auxiliary cable, a small stand for the device and even a USB adapter for the cigarette lighter of the vehicle if you do not have such an input.

Now, without further ado, here’s how to install Amazon Echo Auto and how to start using Alexa in the car.

How to install Amazon Echo Auto

– Remove the gadget from the packaging and connect each end to the corresponding input. That is, the USB cable to the port you have in the car and the auxiliary cable to an input intended for that purpose.

– The Amazon Echo Auto is controlled via mobile, so you will need to have the Alexa app installed and enable Bluetooth on your smartphone.

– After connecting the Echo Auto to the USB port you may notice that a blue light comes on. Subsequently, you will hear Alexa’s voice.

– It only remains to perform the relevant settings from the mobile. To do this you will follow each of the steps that the app will indicate, which aim to complete the pairing between the mobile and the gadget.

– When everything is configured you can install the small support with glue on the surface of the car that you find most convenient.

– Attach the Echo Auto to the small stand and start interacting with Alexa.

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