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Netflix, the popular movie and series streaming service, is a platform that offers a wide variety of content to enjoy anytime, anywhere. However, you may occasionally want to keep some of the content you’ve watched private. Fortunately, Netflix offers an option to hide your viewing history and keep your privacy safe.

Hiding the history of watched content on Netflix allows you to protect user privacy but it does involve getting recommendations

Many reasons explain the need to hide the viewing history on Netflix. For example, if you share the account with other people and do not want them to see the content played. It is very useful to keep our viewing habits private.

Steps to hide viewing history on Netflix.

-Start Log in to the Netflix account from a web browser.

Enter in the user profile.

-Access to Parental Control.

-Select “Viewing Activity – View”.

-Mouse cursor on the “Hide” icon, which activates the “Hide viewing history” prompt.

-Click on “Hide”. If you want to delete the entire viewing history, click on “Hide all”.

It should be noted that the delete history option cannot be you will have to think about the decision to take this step.

How long does it take for Netflix history to be deleted.

On the other hand the application of this option is not instantaneous and. may take up to 24 hours to be activated on all devices registered with the same user account.

Finally it should also be taken into consideration that since Netflix’s recommendation algorithm works based on the history of what has already been played and the ratings that the user gives to these contents, deleting the history decreases the accuracy of this function.

This implies that the streaming platform will not offer related suggestions with what it assumes to be the user’s tastes. Therefore, no movies, TV series or documentaries that may be to the user’s liking based on previously enjoyed content will be discovered.

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