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Those users who share a Amazon accountmay want to give a gift to the other person without the latter knowing about it. To do this, it is best to be careful with Alexa and the smart speaker and, above all, hide orders from the Amazon list to prevent the surprise from being spoiled.

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The procedure to hide purchases in your Amazon account is not very complicated. Each purchase that a user makes, is saved in the section of your Orders, and from there you have to configure to hide the ones you do not want to show to other users.

How to hide Amazon orders from your computer

In the Amazon cell phone application it is not possible to hide purchases. This must be taken into account in order not to share the cell phone to buy on Amazon, at least until the gift is delivered. Once connected to the Amazon account on PC, you must do the following to hide orders:

-Select Accounts and Lists from the context menu.

-Go to the Orders section, locate the one we want to hide and at the bottom left you will see the Archive order link.

-Click to confirm the action.

After these short steps, the order will no longer be available in our traditional account. As it is hidden, we do not lose it, but to see it we just have to take another step.

How to view archived orders

If you want to view the orders you archive, you can do so directly on your mobile, or by activating the display on your computer.

-Log in and select Account and Lists.

-Open the Orders section and in the drop-down next to it, select the Archived Orders option.

-You can view them and select the ones we no longer want to be archived.

To view the orders archived on the phone we select in. Filter in the Orders section and check the Archived Orders option.

How to hide the history on Amazon

Amazon also shows in its history the items that users search for the most, something that can also be hidden in a simple way.

-Sign in to Amazon.

-Select See more in browsing history, under Products you viewed today.

-Click on the Remove from view button below the photo.

With these simple tricks, you can have your Amazon account clean and make gifts without the people who share your access, ruining the surprise.

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