How to improve the Internet connection on TV

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If you have noticed that the Internet connection on your smart TV is not working as it should, in this article you will find a series of solutions to improve browsing speed.

There are many problems that can affect the connectivity of your smart TV. If you are noticing that the image is choppy, or that YouTube videos or those from any streaming platform are not offered with good quality, it is most likely that you are enjoying a poor Internet connection on the device.

Tips to improve the connectivity of your smart TV

What can you do to improve the situation so that the image you receive is stable? Try some of these solutions:

-Connect your smart TV to cable Internet. It is a very common solution for any device that connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi. If this doesn’t work, try connecting the cable TV if you have an Internet outlet nearby, or connect it directly to the router via an Ethernet cable.

This way, you will avoid any type of interference in the wireless signal and enjoy the stability provided by the cable.

-Use a PCL device. If you do not want to connect the television directly to the router, so that the cable is not visible if it is very far away… or if there is no Internet outlet near the television, you have the option of using a PLC device and placing it near the television. With this, you will amplify the signal from the router that is furthest away and you will be able to connect your smart TV to the PLC via cable.

-Eliminates possible interferences. If you are using your Smart TV’s WiFi connection, make sure there are no Bluetooth devices nearby that could be creating interference. For example, wireless speakers or even a mobile device or the home landline if it is a wireless phone.

-Install a repeater. If you use a router’s WiFi signal repeater, or even a Mesh system, you can increase the power of the network in your home. So, if the problem is that the smart TV is not receiving a strong signal, you can amplify the connection using one of these devices.

-Renew the TV’s Wifi adapter. If your smart TV allows it, you can also change the Wi-Fi network adapter module and improve the Internet connection with a new device.

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