How to improve the performance of Core Web Vitals

Google announced the Core Web Vitals in 2020, while also noting that this, like other signs for User experience and ease of use such as “Mobile Friendlines” or the new HTTPS security encryption are becoming an SEO ranking factor.

In this way it is possible to improve the performance of Core Web Vitals in order to position yourself in Google

Core Web Vitals are three “quality” factors that Google takes into account when ranking a website. These three factors are: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Display (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). These factors are used to analyze the loading time, interactivity and visual stability of the websites.

Some considerations for improving Core Web Vitals are as follows:

-The SEO is a phrase: With the announcement of the Core Web Vitals, many companies have focused all SEO efforts on this new factor and forgotten about other pieces of on-page and off-page SEO. However, never forget that SEO optimization depends on a number of measures, not just one point. Simply put, SEO is like an orchestra and each instrument has to be in tune and know its part of the job.

-Charging speed: Another common mistake with Core Web Vitals is focusing on speeding up the loading of web pages, forgetting that the LCP is usually more important as it is the heaviest elements that usually cause delays in a web page loading fully .

– Responsive images: Using the correct HTML5 elements can significantly improve the performance of a web page. Articles like «“Ö”»Can load images much faster and reduce the loading times of a website.

-Video and image formats: New image and video formats also improve page loading. Images loaded from CSS or SVG file formats, as well as new video formats such as WebM, WebP or AVIF, which allow more effective compression, improve the performance of web pages.

-Official information: Every time Google makes an improvement or change to its algorithms, Google usually offers a large amount of official information in the form of guides and white papers. It’s no different with Core Web Vitals and Google has published very detailed guides that explain what to expect from websites and how to do it. So it is worth consulting this information.

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