How to improve the quality of leads in Google Ads


Until now, user browsing and behavioral data extracted from third-party cookies have been very important to properly configure any Google Ads campaign. However, with the new forms of cookie-free browsing, advertisers will have to adapt to a world without cookies and configure your ads using only your own data.

With the new forms of navigation without third-party cookies, professionals will have to rely on the data collected with their tools to configure ads.

how can marketers optimize lead quality in Google Ads and get a better performance? In this article, we will try to offer some ways to optimize quality lead generation, without relying on data from digital advertising platforms.

-Perceive search intent: The quality of a lead will largely depend on the user’s search intent. In this sense, the lower part of the sales funnel generates better leads and is where most of the efforts are usually focused when creating an ad. One way to obtain better quality leads is to avoid creating campaigns for keywords whose search intent is discovery, as these users will rarely end up buying.

-Appropriate messaging for the user: If we are able to clearly identify our user and create a personalized text, we will be able to capture higher quality leads. To do this, we must be able to identify which keywords attract their attention, but we must also understand what they are looking for, what their “pain point” is. By identifying both points, we will be able to create the right message that, when introduced in the title of our ad, will capture their attention and generate a lead.

-Own data: All companies have first-hand data on their customers. We know who they are, what their needs, concerns and complaints are. In addition, those companies that use a CRM have a very complete tool, from which they can extract a lot of information. It is important to work with all the data we collect with our tools to build a suitable audience to target directly.

-Assign value to each point of conversion: The goal at this point would be to set values that show the algorithms the correct direction. These values should be based on the value multiplied by the conversion rate from that action to the transaction. For example, from discovery to purchase, it will have a higher value, than from purchase to purchase. For this point, we can use the “Value Rules” a functionality that Google Ads introduced in 2021 and that allows us to configure the value of certain actions and conversions.

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