How to improve the results of your online marketing campaigns

The success of a digital campaign depends on many factors. But above all, the product has to be good. Without a quality product, it will be difficult for the campaign to succeed. This is one of the premises that is established Carlos Molina, CEO of the Tidart agency, during the digital meeting “Data to improve your digital results” organized by TreceBits.

Carlos Molina, CEO of Tidart: “You can’t measure everything on the Internet

During the meeting, Carlos Molina – in an interview with Manuel Moreno, Director of TreceBits – explained, among other things, how data, regardless of its size, can be helpful in a company’s marketing strategy. If you want to know all the keys, you can then watch the digital meeting here:

During the 40-minute meeting, Carlos explained Molina in a simple way What is performance marketing? and how it can be an opportunity for all types of businesses in times of pandemic.

It also answered attendees’ questions live and provided numerous keys to understanding the importance of data analysis for better performance of marketing campaigns being developed on the internet. However, he went further and highlighted some of the key challenges companies face.

Among other things, he pointed out what an “Internet without cookies” means and that while the big online companies want to sell it as a benefit for the user, whose privacy they will probably preserve, in reality it is advantages for precisely these companies and not so much to the user.

In the same way, he also mentioned other challenges such as Changes introduced in iOS 14.5 When it comes to getting information about user usage patterns, it has caused problems for companies like Facebook.

In addition to his analysis of the sector, Molina also appreciated the role played by technology and the need for appropriate measurement tools that allow conclusions to be drawn on this data and offer more personalized messages and advertising formats. And he issued a headline warning: “You can’t measure everything on the Internet.”

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