How to improve the speed of a website

Page load speed

The Loading speed a website has become one of the most important factors for positioning in search engines. Since the introduction of Core Web Vitals, Google has paid special attention to this factor, as it is very important for them to improve the user experience.

The loading speed of web pages is one of the most important factors in ranking by Google. These are the 4 ways to improve website speed

This factor is also one of the biggest problems for SEOs and webmasters as a lot of the measures that need to be taken to improve the store have to do with the template code, plugins, or widgets. With that in mind, JavaScript is usually one of the Main reasons For one page to load slowly, even though JavaScript is a language that offers a lot of flexibility in creating functions, the same flexibility makes maintenance difficult.

To improve a page’s performance and speed, users can do the following:

-Remove third-party tools: Most websites, especially those made with WordPress, have a variety of third-party tools such as widgets or plugins. These tools usually run in the background using a series of code over which the user has no control. The more of these tools there are, the longer the loading time.

With tools like BuiltWith it is possible to analyze all third-party tools on a website and examine which of them are required and which are not. Pay particular attention to scripts, different versions of cookies and tracking pixels (e.g. Facebook) and the use of third-party social media plug-ins.

-Charge and DNS pre-connection: Preloading is an option available in all browsers that allows pages to load faster. This option loads all unnecessary elements of a web page in the background so that they are available at the time of use.

-No need to remove CSS: Many websites have redundant or unnecessary CSS, e.g. B. outdated browser instructions. Tools like Yellow Lab Tools analyze web pages and display outdated or repetitive lines of CSS code for easy removal.

-A single JQuery library: Many third-party tools have their own JQuery library. JQuery are JavaScript libraries that simplify the use of certain JavaScript functions. Most modern web pages already have their own JavaScript libraries, so they have their own version of JQuery. This means that duplicating these libraries is a waste of resources which will result in slower page loading.

A quick way to analyze the number of JQuery libraries on a website is with the Yellow Lab Tools. Another option is to use the Chrome console, press Ctrl + Shift + J and type “console.log (jQuery (). Jquery);” to enter. One way to speed up the loading of the libraries is to use the latest version of JQuery that is offered on the Google Libraries.

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