How to increase sales and conversion of your Ecommerce

How to increase sales conversion e-commerce

If you own or manage an online store, probably one of your main challenges is increase sales.

The Idento agency proposes that you achieve this objective by working on these two lines of action:

-Increase traffic to your site.

-Boost the conversion.

Strategy focused on increasing traffic

The first line of action to increase sales is to get more people to your website. But “any visit” doesn’t work for you. You need to attract a qualified audience. Focus on:

-Reach new users who show interest in your products and interact with your site.

-Impact people who already know you and have not purchased.

-Build loyalty, reach your own customers so that they buy from you again.

Take advantage of everything that digital marketing offers youeither using your own resources or working with professionals to accompany you on your project.

1. Quality web content and SEO positioning

All the content of your site has to be very careful and worked on, from the home page to the product detail page, passing through the category pages and the legal ones:

-Write original content.

-Personalize products with your own recommendations.

-Include good quality images that adequately describe your products.

-Implement a blog in which you develop content focused on the “long tail” and that attracts traffic that can later buy from you.

-Use SEO positioning techniques that increase the visibility of your website in search engines.

SEO can generate a lot of “free” qualified traffic in the medium and long term.

2. Advertise in the search engine, on portals and videos

Boost your presence in search engines with paid ads.

Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising are the main advertising platforms that can help you generate sales quickly. Idento recommends implementing shopping campaigns or product sheet, and also evaluate other types of campaigns focused on attracting qualified traffic to sell, such as top performance campaigns. You can also work with Amazon Ads.

3. Organic and/or paid presence on social media

Consider social media in your digital marketing strategy. You don’t need to be in all of them, so choose wisely those where your target audience is and work with them professionally, not only increasing your followers, but also establishing a communication channel with your users and clients.

Additionally, you can support Social Ads campaigns. The most popular networks are Meta and Instagram. Twitter and LinkedIn may work well for certain user profiles, and also consider the nascent Pinterest and TikTok, with less competition and lower costs.

4. Email marketing

Is a powerful tool loyalty and conversion when you already have a good customer base. Use it to communicate offers, talk about your products, notify about new content or encourage cross-selling.

5. Membership

If you use it well, it can help you increase your income at a controlled cost (commission per sale). Lean on a good affiliate network that generates sales for you (look at how Amazon does it), look for portals where you can promote your products with this system or work directly with an affiliate network.

6. Retargeting

Implement second chance campaigns, focused on users who already know your Ecommerce. Impact audiences like:

-Customer lists.

-Visitors who have added products to the cart, but have not purchased.

-People who have interacted with your video channel.

Strategy focused on Boosting Conversion

The second, more advanced line of action to increase sales consists of improve the conversion of your visitorsThat is, getting a greater percentage of your traffic to buy from you, thus optimizing your resources and increasing the profitability of your project without investing more resources in traffic. It’s a challenge, so Idento gives you some advice.

1. Improve Usability and generate a better User Experience (UX)

Make it easy for your visitors. Work on your website so that more users reach the sales goal:

-Structure your website and its information so that they quickly find what they are looking for, and optimize the purchasing process so that it is agile and intuitive.

-Optimize your site and purchasing process for mobile. Probably more than 80% of your visits come from smartphones and their behavior is different from traffic from a computer.

-Request in the forms the fair and necessary information for them to buy from you. Once the user has completed the transaction, you can ask for more information without compromising the conversion.

-Includes multiple payment methods.

-Facilitates several contact channels and provides a quick response to queries and incidents.

-Includes elements that generate trust and security: opinions, certificates, images of your equipment or facilities (if you have a physical store).

2. Boost the performance of your website (WPO)

Linked to improving the user experience, it consists of technically optimizing your site so that it works fastercovering actions such as:

-Implement Gzip compression.

-Properly size your server.

-Use the web resource cache.

-Optimize the loading of Javascript resources, style sheets, etc.

-Optimize the size/weight of images.

-Eliminate the loading of unused resources.

-Implement a CDN.

Different studies have shown that a higher loading speed increases conversion.

3. Experiment and test (CRO)

Specifically works on conversion optimization (CRO), carrying out A/B testing on pages and key elements of your store. This trial and error process will help you level up.
And a small improvement in the conversion rate can significantly impact the volume of orders. Furthermore, since very few businesses work on it, you can make it a competitive advantage.

4. Measure and Analyze

If you don’t measure, it is very difficult for you to improve anything and it is the basis for any digital strategy to be successful. So measure everything that happens on your website. You can use free tools like Google Analytics 4 or Microsoft Clarity, but you will have to train or have specialists who know how to take advantage of them.

In summary

If you are looking for how to increase sales and conversion of your Ecommerce, you need to develop a strategy focused on both increasing traffic and improving conversion. Only then can you scale your business and make it profitable in the long term. Seriously consider relying on professionals of online marketing. They will help you accelerate your growth and allow you to fully focus on your business.

In the Idento Digital Marketing Agency, its more than 30 professionals have been offering solutions for 17 years so that businesses like yours can be profitable on the Internet. Count on them for your project.

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