How to increase your engagement on Instagram

Engagement on Instagram is a parameter that is measured by different values, but all of which have one common denominator: achieving greater reach and resonance in the publications. Engagement refers to the level of emotional involvement that followers have with an account. This is very important to be successful and more and more people are turning to a Social media agency to improve this value. Engagement is measured by taking the total number of interactions (Likes, comments …) and divided by the amount of the contribution. In order to achieve an optimal level of dissemination and optimization, it is necessary to consider a number of indications that help to achieve this goal.

When to publish is a critical factor in getting good results. Each user has a specific audience that follows their own behavior. It is impossible for all followers to follow the same guidelines regarding access times to the social network. There are accounts with thousands of followers, so pretending they are all connecting at the same hour is utopia. Yet, there are tools that show the days and hours of most follower activity, and adapting to this circumstance is the key to maximizing dissemination in the publications. In fact, it’s a good idea to set up a release time strategy based on public behavior for maximum reach and interactions.

Creative and effective content

The content and how it is counted is another important point in getting good engagement on Instagram. Users reward the creativity and quality of images or videos. It is a reality that social networks have a lot of their own content every day, so those who bring their imagination and quality make the difference. This is the way to get a good number of “likes” and comments, which translates into a high reach.

Leaving all the success of the publication to the audiovisual material is a very common mistake that must be avoided. L.People also reward intelligent and entertaining texts that provide interesting information and data. In any case, the aim should be to humanize the brand through consistent and high-quality content. With this in mind, communicating with the followers is key. There is no need to save time replying to and interacting with their comments, either with messages or “likes”. This action offers a great dose of humanization of the account, a value that is very much appreciated by the public.

After the text is published, touch Select hashtags. It’s a task that takes time, especially in the first few posts on a specific topic. There are also differences in terms of popularity or effectiveness in the “market” for labels. Each topic requires specific hashtags and it’s important to pay attention to them in that regard. As for the number, there is no exact number, although it is advisable to include at least seven.

Say where are you

The Geolocation It’s another detail that can be crucial in finding the greatest leeway. It’s worth double. On the one hand, it allows users to know where each publication is contextualized to provide additional and interesting information, with the positive outcome that this means in the public eye. In addition, it is a good system for reaching new audiences looking for publications or users in a specific geographic area.

Stories are very important

Have a active Instagram account It implies promoting stories almost daily due to the nature of the social network. The love for stories grows among users and they sometimes have a wider reach than a publication. With this type of content, which lasts 24 hours, it is possible to add hashtags, indicate a location or make mentions, aspects that cannot be wasted in order to optimize the impact.

The most interesting stories can be saved in the rubric presentedso that they are not lost and the followers can access them at any time. There are users who only access one account to view their featured stories, and having this section well organized and updated is an extra that will help improve the account’s results.

On the other hand, Raffles They are an action that more and more companies on Instagram are using to reward their followers. The public appreciates it and the interactions from this action multiply. There are several ways to give a giveaway, although the most common ones relate to users who like or comment on it. This results in a large turnout that improves engagement.

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