How to install new Watchfaces in Mi Band 5

tired of putting the same themes/backgrounds on your Xiaomi Mi Band 5? Then take advantage of this tutorial on how to install new Watchfaces on the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. And as a bonus, we will also teach you how to create your own backgrounds in a very easy way.

xiaomi mi band 5 backgrounds

How to install new Watchfaces on your Mi Band 5

Before moving on to the technical stuff you’ll need to visit the website of and download the theme you like best, obviously, from your smartphone. Once downloaded, you will be left with a .bin filefile, and you will need to do the following:

  1. Install the application Notify & Fitness from the Play Store. It will need to sync with your Mi Band 5, so you must also have the Mi Fit app installed.
  2. Now open Notify & Fitness and go to its Settings/Tools ➤ Section “Watchfaces”

custom mi band 5

  1. Within this section, tap on “Custom watch face (.bin)”, and then select the .bin file from the watchface you downloaded earlier.
  2. To finish, you only have to click on “Start update“wait for the theme to install, and that’s it, you’ll have your new sphere in minutes!

Guide: Learn how to create customized backgrounds for your Xiaomi Mi Band 5

You could say the “official” way to install new watchfaces/backgrounds on your smart bracelet, is to create them yourself. But don’t worry, it’s not complicated at all. You will only need the mi Fit app and an image (preferably 345 x 707 px or 239 x 425 px).

That said, you can then make or place custom backgrounds on the Mi Band 5:

  1. Enter the Mi Fit application and tap on the ” ” buttonProfile“(located at the bottom).
  2. Then click on the icon of your Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

miband5 store

  1. Now, you need to enter the “Store“.
  2. Select the style you like the most from the list “Photo Watch Face“.
  3. Choose the color that best matches the image perfectly.
  4. Add the image you want to place by clicking on the “+” icon in the “Custom Background” section
  5. To finish touch the button “Synchronize clock appearance

mi band 5 dial

After a few seconds, your Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will receive the watchface you just created. a tip? Download images with dark backgroundsas it will help to ration your band’s battery by NOT needing to illuminate multiple pixels.

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