How to join an eSports team

How to join an esports team to become a video game pro.

Electronic sports or eSports have changed the way video games are consumed. Until recently, digital entertainment was nothing more than a simple pastime, but with the advent of official competitions, joining an eSports team Can become a paid job. There is money to be made in eSports.

Being part of an eSports team requires a great commitment on the part of the player, as he or she will have to devote many hours to a improve in a single game.

Joining an eSports team can be complicated, as there are many people who want to dedicate themselves to it and, therefore, accessing competitive levels is not easy. For those who want to start their way into competitive gaming, here are some tips:

Steps to join an eSports team.

-Choose the video game: The first step is to choose which video game to play. Today there are dozens of competitive games, so it is necessary to choose one and dedicate many hours to master its mechanics.

The most common games for eSports competitions are: League of Legends, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike, Fornite, Overwatch, Apex Legends or Valorant, although there are others such as Tekken, Street Fighter or Injustice. The goal is to choose a game of a genre in which you feel comfortable and that you enjoy, as you will spend many hours playing.

-Training: Once the game is chosen, we must dedicate many hours to learn all the dynamics, strategies and moves of each character and improve our skills to the maximum through quick online matches against other players.

The goal is to climb positions within the game ranking and reach the highest categories. Once we have enough experience, we can begin to enroll in minor leagues and also participate in official tournaments organized by the LVP (Professional Video Game League), as these events are attended by scouts from the teams.

-Skills: eSports teams value certain capabilities in their players such as discipline, as being part of a team requires daily training.

Constancy and perseverance will help us in this process, but a firm commitment is also required. Once in a team, they value companionship and the ability to adapt to deal with difficult situations in the shortest possible time.

Other tips to keep in mind

-Good equipment: To reach the highest levels of a game, it is necessary to have the best equipment. This is especially important in games that require agility, speed and coordinated movements, such as fighting games. We must have the best monitor and peripherals that allow us to control the movements to the millimeter, with a very high response time.

-Inform yourself and participate: eSports communities are very active on YouTube, Twitch and Discord. To join an eSports team it is important to be up to date with all the information of the sector, but also to actively participate in these communities.

In these channels you can find out if a team is open to new players, as well as the latest techniques and strategies from the gaming world that we can apply to our game to improve.

-Search for help: Today, eSports is commonplace and with some trajectory, so it is no longer a lonely road. There are hundreds of teams and thousands of professional players. This makes it easier to seek help, either in communities, where we can ask for advice or even tutoring, or by looking for eSports training courses on specialized sites.

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