How to know if there are many people in a place with Google Maps

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Google Maps has a very interesting function that tells you the average influx of people in a certain establishment depending on the time and, in addition, it tells you if at a specific time there are more or less people than usual.

This is a functionality that is not very well known, but it will help you know the best time to go to the Post Office – whose offices are usually very busy – to the supermarket or any other place that interests you.

By knowing approximately how many people are there at the moment, and if they are more or less than average, you will be able to determine the best time to go and try to endure less queue.

How to know the best time to go to a place thanks to Google Maps

What you have to do to know when it is best to go to your trusted supermarket or a Post Office is to follow these steps:

-Open the Google Maps application (or access it from your computer) and search for the place or establishment for which you want to have information about its influx levels.

-Click on it and open its file with the information. You must then access the section with the “Push Hours” and this way you will be able to see the hours with the average influx throughout the day.

Google Maps rush hour

In the same way, information will also be shown in real time and even the average time that people usually spend in that place will be shown. You will also be able to see data from other days of the week. This way you can decide when it is best to go so as not to wait too long and thus avoid unnecessary queues.

How Google obtains traffic and “peak hour” information for a place

You may be wondering how Google Maps obtains the data to know the average influx to a place and, above all, the influx that exists at any given time.

Remember that in that place there will probably be many people who carry their mobile phone and that, possibly, most of them will be Android phones.

Google collects – anonymously, without knowing who each person is by name and surname – this information and, in an aggregated form, allows you to know approximately how many people there are in that place at an exact moment.

By making comparisons with all the information collected, you are able to know the average figures and whether at a certain moment there are more or fewer people in relation to the average.

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