How to know the games you have played the most on Steam

Knowing the hours of play you have dedicated to each of the video games you have purchased may surprise you. If you want to satisfy your curiosity and you have a collection of titles on Steam, perhaps you didn’t know that you have access to statistics that allow you to know all the time you have dedicated to them.

You just have to have the Steam application installed on your computer, since the data is not available on the web, while on mobile you will access less data. In this article we go over what you have to do to access your game hours history.

How to check your history of playing hours on Steam

You must carry out the procedure on your computer using the Steam application, which is available for Windows and macOS. The steps are the following:

– Enter the Steam app

– Click on the “Library” option

Steam Library

– Now, select “All games”

Steam games

– Then, click on the “Sort by” section and choose “Hours played”. By choosing this alternative, the system will order the video games from the most played to the least played. Below the image of each title you will see the hours you have dedicated to it.

hours of play

Can I view game hours from the Steam mobile app?

The smartphone app has a virtually identical interface to the desktop app, which means that most features are available. However, in this case it gives less information, since it does not allow you to see the breakdown of the hours of play, it will only order your titles so that you can know a ranking of the most played ones.

If you want to check it, you just have to download the Steam app on your mobile and follow these instructions:

– Enter Steam and touch the three horizontal lines located in the lower right corner

Steam Menu

– You will see a menu with several options, enter “Library”, tap “Sort by” and select the “Playtime” alternative. In this way, the system will organize the titles from the most played to the least requested.

Steam Catalog

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