How to know your IP address

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The IP address is the number that identifies a device connected to the networkso no two IP addresses are the same. IP is the acronym for Internet Protocol, and each is a code that indicates how and where network information should be routed.

The IP address is the number that identifies a device that is connected to the Internet

The reality is that each device contains two separate IP addresses. One is the public or external address, which is used to communicate with external networks and devices. The other is the internal or private address, which makes the device is in connection with the router that provides Internet.

Knowing your addresses can be very useful for different reasons: to set up a server, to bind to the device a printer, or to establish connections between devices linked to the same network. In addition, the IP address indicates the geolocation of the device, so knowing your IP is useful for understanding how your information is shared and disseminated personal information across the web.

Knowing the external or public IP is not complicated at all. Just type in the Google search engine “what is my IP address”, and the answer will appear at the top of the screen. To find your private address, the procedure is somewhat different, and depends on the type of device from which you connect.

-On a Mac: Go into the “System Preferences” tab and then the “Network” option. From there, you will find your address just below your network status.

-In Windows: In the system settings, go to the “Network Status” option. When you do this, a new screen will open and on the right side of the screen you will see “Find my IP address”.

-On an iPhone: Go into “Settings” and then click on the “WiFi” option and select the network you are connected to. You will then see the address in the section called IPc4.

-On Android: Go into the WiFi network settings, select the network you are connected to and the phone will show you what your address is.

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