How to limit data consumption in Google Photos when making backups

Google Photos new updates

Google Photos allows you to have a complete photo (and video) album synchronized with the user’s online storage space, but it is advisable to synchronize the mobile device with the Cloud having WiFi connection or else data plan at risk.

Limiting the amount of data consumed by Google Photos allows you to make backups without using up your data plan

Fortunately, a new feature has been added to the settings of these synchronizations to limit data usage when backing up the photo album.

The new Google Photos menu makes it easier to set a limit to the amount of data that will be consumed by the mobile device when completing a backup of photos and videos. In fact the new backup settings menu even allows you to completely disable automatic backup.

This configuration is carried out from the Google Photos-Options menu, accessible from the user’s profile picture, at the top right. In this space, click on the section that reports the backup status. Depending on the previous configuration and the time at which you access this section, it may inform you that the backup is running or that the backup has been completed. In any case it is necessary to click on that section.

From there you can access the backup process view, where you can check the photos (and videos) pending synchronization and their status. If no image appears, it means that all of them have been synchronized.

To access the backup settings, click on the icon with the three pins in the upper right corner, where you can see the option Mobile data usagewhere the limit can be set. The available options are:

-No data

-5 Mb

-10 Mb

-30 Mb


With this you can either set a maximum number of data to be consumed, or that mobile data is never used or that there is no limit. When setting these limits, the data plan of each user must be taken into consideration so as not to exceed it and use it up only with the backup of Google Photos.

When the preset limit is reached the backup will be interrupted and will only continue the next day or when the device is covered by a WiFi network.

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