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Link building is one of the most complicated parts of SEO positioning as it takes a solid strategy and a lot of patience to create the contacts and links that can improve the positioning and authority of the page.

Images can also be a source of links that can be used to create a link building strategy.

The images of the content are an element with that too Link building can be improved. Multimedia content has its own characteristics, and you should know the differences between traditional link building and image building, as generating a network of links from this visual content requires you to create your own strategy and be a little more creative.

Users who want to create a link building strategy using images should consider the following steps:

-Plan the goal: The first step is to make it clear who the target of the strategy is, that is, it needs to be clear which web pages you want to get the links from. Once the goal is clear, the websites should be analyzed in depth to find out which pages work best.

-Keywords: When looking for keywords, you should go a little beyond search volume or traffic and focus on search intent. With this in mind, keywords should be searched for with action intent, that is, searches performed when a user is trying to figure out or investigate a topic. When content is designed for these potential searches, it will be easier to get a link.

-Content in pictures: Once it is clear what content works best and the most popular content of the pages you want to get a link on, taking into account the selected keywords, it’s time to create the images and contact the responsible pages on which the work will appear , is made available and a link is requested.

-Added value: Content can add value in a number of ways, including: B. by presenting a certain point of view or providing a large amount of information and explaining a topic in detail. With that in mind, images can be used to create content that is emotionally connected to the target audience you are trying to attract.

– Optimize images: The images also need to be optimized for SEO. To do this, you need to create a title that includes the keyword and is clear, concise and short. In addition, all meta tags like alt text and description must be filled in so that they are better positioned in search engines. In addition, when converting Core Web Vitals into an SEO ranking factor, the images do not have to weigh much so that they do not affect the loading times of the page.

-Promotion: In order to get as many links as possible, the images should be advertised on different platforms such as social networks or forums.

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