How to listen to Hi-Res music on your mobile

Are you looking for a way to experience your favourite music with optimal sound quality on the go? Hi-Res audio is the way to go. Hi-Res audio is a form of audio meant to produce a higher-than-CD-level sound quality, offering superior audio entertainment. It’s becoming increasingly popular, but how do you get Hi-Res audio on your mobile device? Luckily, it’s quite simple and we’ll be showing you how to listen to Hi-Res music on your mobile.

How to listen to Hi-Res music on your mobile

Listen to Hi-Res music on your smartphone is totally possible. You can try tricks to achieve the best sound quality on Spotify, but that will only improve the sound of this application. However, there are ways to make the mobile play music always in Hi-Res.

Enjoying Hi-Res music can take up a lot of storage space on your mobile, but the experience is completely fascinating.

True Hi-Res digital music boasts a bit depth and sampling rate higher than ordinary CDs can support. Before listening to Hi-Res music you must be able to identify when an audio track is indeed in high resolution.

It is quite simple, as the basic difference between MP3 audio and Hi-Res tracks is that these are played at 9216 Kbps maximum. Now, to apply the following trick you will need good headphones or Bluetooth speakers.

How to play Hi-Res music on your smartphone

– Go to the settings menu on your mobile.

– Now connect your Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

– When the connection is complete, locate the headset settings and tap on the gear symbol.

– Look among the options for one that says “HD Audio” and check that it is enabled.

– You may find that the above option is already enabled. If you have not been able to follow the above instructions, you can also try the following steps.

Enable the developer options to play Hi-Res music.

– Go to the settings menu and scroll down to the “About Phone” option.

– Press a total of 7 times on “Build number.” This will activate the developer mode.

– Look for the “Developer options” box and slide until you find the Bluetooth functions.

– Check which Bluetooth audio codec is enabled and make a note.

– You will notice that the codecs you will be able to access will be those compatible with the headset you are using.

– Check that the bit depth and sample rate are set to the highest values.

– You can choose to play at the best quality, but remember that this may cause intermittency during playback.

Once you have everything set up properly you will need a Hi-Res music provider. For this there are several options, and one of the most recommended is Tidal, a service known for offering authentic HD Audio tracks. You can also turn to Amazon’s Music HD service, which has a free version where you can play music from 850 Kbps to 3730 Kbps.

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