How to log in to HBO Max with your Mercado Libre account

When subscribing to HBO Max, you can do so directly from its website, or through some of the companies with which the streaming platform has agreements to offer discounts and better prices to its customers.

In this sense, if you are a Mercado Libre or Mercado Pago customer, you can enjoy various promotions to contract the HBO Max service. If the service is available in your country, we will teach you how to log in to HBO with your Mercado Libre account, it is a procedure that you will complete in a matter of a couple of minutes.

Sign in to HBO Max with Mercado Libre or Mercado Pago

These are the methods to enter the HBO Max platform from your computer and mobile. It should be noted that if you use this step by step, it will be difficult to share your account with another person, since all your data will be associated with your Mercado Libre profile.

In the computer

– Go to the HBO Max website and select “Sign in with a provider”

HBO and Mercado LibreHBO and Mercado Libre

– A list will open with different alternatives, choose the option “Mercado Libre / Mercado Pago”

– Now write the email of your Mercado Libre account and click on “Continue”

– Choose a method to log in, you will have the Mercado Libre app at your disposal or receive a code in your email

– Write the code in the corresponding box and log in. Now you can enter HBO Max with your Mercado Libre account.

on mobile

– Open the HBO application on your mobile

– Press the user icon located in the upper right corner

Enter the HBO profileEnter the HBO profile

– Press the option “Sign in with your account”

HBO ProfileHBO Profile

– Multiple alternatives will be displayed, press “Log in with a provider”

HBO providersHBO providers

– Choose “Mercado Libre / Mercado Pago”

– Enter the email associated with Mercado Libre and touch “Continue”

– Choose the verification method

– Write the code you received in the box and press “Verify code”

That's all you have to do, HBO will give you what you need to link the service with Mercado Libre simply and quickly.

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