How to log out of Netflix on all devices

What to do when Netflix goes down

Without thinking too much about it, you jump in to open your Netflix account on a friend’s computer, an Airbnb TV or a relative’s tablet. There comes a time when you may not know exactly how many devices your Netflix account can be accessed from, and who is benefiting from the face of your monthly fee.

From your computer, it is possible to log out of your Netflix account on all the devices on which it is connected

To cut this situation to the bone, there is a procedure that allows you to log out of your Netflix account on all devices on which it is available. This possibility is only available if you open your account in the browser from your computer. Here’s how to follow this process. In addition, we remind you how to log out of Netflix from a Smart TV and from a cell phone or tablet.

-From the computer: Open your Netflix account from a web browser. When you log in, click on your profile icon in the upper right corner. From that icon, a tab with several options will pop up and the last one says “Sign out of Netflix”.

By following these steps you can log out on that device, but not on all devices that are connected to your Netflix account. To do this you must also click on the aforementioned icon and then click where it says “Account”. As soon as you do this, you will see that in a new screen, within the “Settings” folder, a sign appears to “Log out on all devices”.

-Log out on tablets and mobiles: Click on your profile icon, which appears in the top corner, and then click on “Log out”.

-Log out from TVs: Logging out from a TV is usually more complicated than from other devices, as it depends largely on which TV it is. To get a clear shot and not get dizzy, you can click on the “Help” option, which is among the options offered by Netflix in the left column of the screen. From the “Help” menu Netflix offers a number of options, including “Logout”.

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