How to make a backup in Google Photos

Google Photos has a service that you can sync and create one with Back up your pictures and videos in your Google account. It’s very easy to use, although you have to keep in mind that Google announced that it will stop offering unlimited storage for your photos and videos as of next June as it did before.

Google Photos will no longer offer unlimited storage this June

This may make you want to use other Google Photos alternative apps. However, with that in mind, you’ll want to keep using Google Photos because it’s a pretty good service and it’s constantly posting news. New editing options added last week For Videos – We are going to tell you how to make a backup of Google Photos in your Google account.

When you do this, not only will you be able to create a backup, but you will also be able to access your photos and videos from any device – computer, mobile phone, tablet … – that you sign in with your Google account, even if it’s not yours Account is common device.

There are two ways to back up your pictures and photos in Google Photos: by installing the Backup and Sync application, or by uploading the photos directly from your computer. We explain how to do it both ways:

Make a backup by installing the app on your computer

It’s as simple as installing the Backup and Synchronization application on your computer, which you can access from here. After downloading and installing, sign in to the Google account that you use for Google Photos. You can also download it for iOS and Android if you want to view your photos and videos on mobile devices.

You will see that a menu appears where you can choose to backup photos only, videos only, or all files.

You can now select all of the folders that you want a backup of. In the “Photo and Video Upload Size” section, you can select the size at which the photos should be uploaded.

So now you have all of your Google Photos photos and videos on your computer. Please note that an image that you delete from Google Photos is not automatically deleted from your computer.

How to upload photos to Google Photos via browser

If you don’t want to install an app on your computer, you can also use your web browser to go to the following address:

There you will see the “Upload” button in the upper right corner. All you have to do is press it and a menu will open to search for the photos you have on your computer that you want to upload.

Now all you have to do is hit the “Open” button or drag it from your computer to your Google Photos folder. You can drag it to a specific folder or album to include it.

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