How to make a backup in Windows 11

Windows 11 backup

Backing up information is something indispensable and something that we should do on all devices to prevent documents from being accidentally lost. In the same way that we explained how to make a backup on an Android mobile and we have also talked about how to make a backup on iOS, it is also necessary to keep safeguarded the photos, files, chats, etc… that are included in a PC computer.

Windows 11 is very efficient in keeping your data safe and protected from any unexpected failure.

In this sense, Windows 11 has its own function to make backup copies. The best of all is that it is very easy to use. Plus it does its job perfectly, so you won’t require a third-party app. Here we will give the complete procedure to make the backup a success.

how to backup information in Windows 11?

– The first thing you will need is an external storage drive. Once you have it, connect it to the computer.

– Open the “Control Panel” via Windows search and click on “System and Security”.

– Click on “File History”, an option on the right side panel.

– Choose “System Image Backup”, a tool located in the lower area of the left navigation pane.

– A new menu will open, there you should select “Create a system image”.

– The system wizard will be enabled, which will guide you through the whole process. You will have to choose the alternative “On a hard disk”. The external drive you have connected will be activated automatically. If this does not happen, tap on the drop-down menu and choose the drive. Click “Next”.

– Choose the partitions you want to apply the backup to and click “Next”. If you get a warning that the drive is encrypted, choose “OK”.

– Check the backup selection you have made so as not to make any mistakes. If everything is in order, click “Start backup”.

– Now, wait until the backup is 100% complete. When the system asks you about creating a system repair disk, choose “No”.

– Finally, select “Close” to exit the wizard and complete the Windows 11 backup.

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