How to make a Disney Pixar-type poster with an AI

Disney Pixar Poster

If you are one of those who follow the latest trends that are becoming popular on the Internet, such as generating images from the student yearbook from the 90s or writing your name in 3D psychedelic style, now you will also want to create your own Disney Pixar type poster with an AI.

As you will see below, generating a Disney Pixar-type poster with an AI is a fairly simple process that will take you just a few minutes. All this thanks to one of the best tools to produce images with AI that exist today, which is none other than DALL-E 3.

How to create a Pixar-style poster

The procedure to generate an advertisement for your own imaginary movie with the iconic Disney Pixar aesthetic is extremely simple.

And to do this you must use DALL-E 3, the most recent version of DALL-E, the generative Artificial Intelligence capable of converting text to images developed by OpenAI, the company behind the famous ChatGPT.

To be more precise, with this tutorial you will use the capabilities of the Bing Chat image creator, which is based on the already mentioned DALL-E 3.

Step by step to create your Pixar poster

These are the steps you must follow:

– Enter Bing Image Creator from its official website. However, you can also choose to access it from the Bing Chat mobile app.

– In order to start taking advantage of the service you must agree to join and sign in with your Microsoft account.

– Next, go to the field to enter the instructions via text.

– Now, write the description of the poster you want to produce.

– Don’t forget to provide precise instructions, since the more they are, the more the final design will resemble what you are looking for. Likewise, use keywords such as “Disney Pixar-type movie poster”, in addition to, of course, the title of the movie.

– Once you have completed the description, the next thing will be to click on the “Create” option.

– After a few minutes, the image creator will show you four samples of the poster, so you can download the one that most closely resembles the design you imagined.

– Finally, if you need the poster to be in high resolution, you simply have to press the image, choose the options menu, select the quality and, finally, download the file.

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