How to make drawings in Microsoft Word

In Microsoft Word, in addition to writing and editing texts, you can also draw. This is a function that you can use to bring your documents to life, providing value and more information in a more attractive and professional format.

If you need to include a drawing in a text to highlight important ideas, create diagrams or simply put your personal stamp on it, here is a guide for you to draw in the Microsoft word processor simply and quickly.

Draw the shapes using Word

With this function you can make shapes, lines or create objects and use them in your Word documents. With this step by step you can achieve it within the word processor without having to resort to drawing apps.

-First you must open a Word document and look in the tool strip located at the top of the processor for the tab that says “Insert”.

-Look in the menu that indicates “Forms” and click on it. The system will show all the available forms that you can use so that you can work with the one you prefer. You can choose lines, rectangles, basic shapes, arrows, equations and more.

photo of shapes applied in microsoft word

-Select the shape you need to use in your drawing by clicking on it.

-When the cursor changes to a cross symbol then you can click on the document, drag it a little so that the figure can be created, release and it will be captured.

photo to create shape

-To be able to work on that shape you have to press on it by clicking. Word will automatically show you in the upper window that says “Format” with a series of options to change the color, fill or other effects that you want to apply and you will be done.

How to draw manually with Word

There is another method for you to draw in Word and that is to draw freely. That is, you yourself are going to make the figures you want. While it is true that you need to be patient for this step, you can still get good results.

-Open a Word document so you can draw.

-Locate the tools window at the top of the document and select “Insert”. Then you click on the drop-down arrow where “Forms” appears.

manually applied shape photo

-Go to the “recently used shapes” menu, place the cursor over the shapes and select the one that says “Free shape” so you can create your own shape by joining lines; or “Freehand”, with which you can make any drawing using a type of brush or digital pencil.

-Make the figure you need using the cursor. When finished, you will have a drawing in its own space, which will allow you to move or drag it to any side of the document.

photo of creating drawings doodles

-To edit it, select the drawing by pressing on it. Next, the “Shape Format” will open at the top of the tool, allowing you to make the adjustments you consider necessary to finish it.

How to use drawing tools in Word

Another way you can draw in Word is by using the tool that the processor has called “Draw”.

-Open a document and locate the “Draw” tab at the top and click on it. You have the possibility to choose between a variety of pens, pencil, highlighter or the Action Pen function. The tool also offers an eraser that is used to better refine the drawing you are making.

-Choose a color in the tool by clicking on the arrow that appears in the lower right corner. A color palette will appear where you can choose the one you prefer, allowing you to select the thickness of the line you are going to work with.

"Draw" tool in Word

-If you want a particular color that you do not see in the tool, then you select where it says “More colors” and then choose the tone using the RGB or HEX code. At this point, it’s a matter of playing with the editor until you get the ideal color.

-You can also use a drawing canvas. You just have to click on this option located on the ribbon so that you can activate a specific area for your sketch and then proceed to draw within it.

-When finished, select the large arrow icon located on the ribbon, just on the left side. This way, you can move or change the size of what you drew.

Keep in mind that in Word you can draw any image, from the most fun to the most professional. If you have some knowledge in the drawing area or simply want to try this accessibility, we recommend this tool that can be very useful for you to create unique and creative documents from now on.

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